Round 11 Feature Match: Kamiel Cornelissen vs. Doctor Wong

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By Josh Bennett

It's been amazing to watch Kamiel Cornelissen's celebrity grow. When he made the finals of Pro Tour Chicago, he was a relative unknown. However, there's nothing like back-to-back Pro Tour Top Eights to catch people's attention. Even in the wake of all the praise people have heaped upon him, Cornelissen remains a quiet, thoughtful player.

His opponent this round is the irrepressible Doctor Wong. The Taiwanese National Champion's resume is short, but he's developed quite a following since his APAC Top Eight finish. Everyone seems to know him, and all root for him.

Cornelissen came blazing out of the gates with Blurred Mongoose, removing Wong's Nightscape Familiar with Ghitu Fire before it could interfere. Wong replaced it with another, but Cornelissen had a Thornscape Battlemage in hand, busting it before Wong had free mana to regenerate it.

Wong had no play on his fourth turn and took four from Cornelissen's next assault. Cornelissen held out a Thornscape Familiar, expecting it to be countered, but Wong let it pass. He cast Fact or Fiction at the turn's end.

The cards revealed were Yawgmoth's Agenda, Terminate, two Salt Marshes and a Void. Cornelissen put the Agenda with the Void. Wong chose the other pile. He untapped and Voided for 2, seeing that Cornelissen held a land and a Ghitu Fire.

Cornelissen untapped, drew, and thought before laying the land and burning Wong for 5 with Ghitu Fire. Wong thought hard on his turn, trying to determine what Cornelissen's last card was. He eventually chose to tap out for Crosis, the Purger.

Cornelissen played a land and passed the turn. Wong Opted, then chose to hold Crosis back. Cornelissen played another land and passed the turn. Wong tapped low for Fact or Fiction, throwing away three land and a Terminate in favor of an Undermine. After it finished resolving, Cornelissen showed him the Ghitu Fire that went so well with his now eight land.

Drawing first put Cornelissen at a disadvantage Game Two, particularly when Doctor Wong's Nightscape Familiar came out early enough to survive blocking his Kavu Titan. Cornelissen removed it after combat with Ghitu Fire.

However, any disadvantage was undone when Wong was unable to find a Mountain to go with his handful of red cards. Cornelissen punished him, forcing out his Undermine with a Raging Kavu only to replace it with a kicked Skizzik. He added a second one the turn after, and all Doctor Wong could do was shake his head.

Afterwards, as Wong was folding his hand into his deck, Cornelissen gestured towards it, saying "Red mana?" Wong turned over an Urza's Rage and a pair of Terminates. Cornelissen agreed he'd been fortunate. The two wished each other good luck in the coming rounds.

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