Round 11 Feature Match: Patrick Mello (Germany) vs. Marcio Carvalho (Portugal)

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Marcio Carvalho is a fourteen-old Portuguese player. Despite his age he is considered to be a good player who always manages to squeeze his way through to the top tables. Patrick Mello certainly doesn't need introduction since he's a familiar face, and name to anyone who follows the Tour.

Mello's deck is a genuine bomb. With a rebel chain to cause envy in most Limited decks and good strong red cards topped by a Flowstone Overseer. Marcio's on the hand is a very shaky U/B weenie deck with a few above average cards.

Game one

From the start you could easily see that both players had very different drafts. Mello's deck just seemed to flow onto the table taking all of Marcio's spells in stride. Marcio started of with a Bouncer while Patrick played a Fresh Volunteer. Marcio bounced it to attack one and played Accumulated Knowledge. Patrick replayed the Volunteer and played a Sergeant. Marcio tried to slow down the rebel chain by playing and using a Seal of Doom on the Sergeant and playing a Seal of Removal but Patrick's rebellion wasn't about to stop: he played a Defiant Vanguard and a Seal of Cleansing.

Marcio still pressed on by dropping a Jolting Merfolk and a Gulf Squid. He constantly tapped all creatures, bounced the Merfolk and replayed it while pressing with on the Squid. This trick was, by far, a long shot since Patrick had a lot of turns to find and answer. He used his searchers to increase his army and finally found a Seal of Fire to stop the Bouncer.

So the game ended like most rebel chain matches end: with a massive attack.

Game two

If in game one Marcio couldn't keep up with the rebel chain this time he couldn't keep up with the red part of Mello's deck. Marcio came out strong with a Trickster Mage and a Spineless Thug but what better answer for a first turn Trickster than a f irst turn Kris Mage. They traded blows for a while until Patrick decided to drop a Trenching Steed and a Seal of Cleansing. This would put an end to Marcio's attack but a Seal of Doom showed up and the Spineless Thug kept attacking with ease.

But this strategy couldn't win the game because Patrick had a big trick up his sleeve: Flowstone Overseer. The Overseer really stops Marcio's deck to sleep since most of his creatures had one or two toughness. Marcio got some temporary help from a Power Matrix that quickly felt prey to Patrick's Seal of Cleansing. Patrick found a Fault Rider to help out and Marcio dropped a desperate Stormwatch Eagle but it was too late. Patrick played carefully and considered every opportunity, although he could have won earlier by taking a chance, and finally Marcio grew frustrated of waiting to die and conceded.

A very short, one-sided and bloody round that served as a good example of all the difference that a solid drafting knowledge and a bit of luck can do.

Patrick Mello 2
Marcio Carvalho 0

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