Round 11 Feature Match: Tony Dobson vs. Mike Pustilnik

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By Wizards of the Coast

Game One

Mike won the die roll and elected to take the first turn. Both players played the same cards on their first two turns - a Swamp, a Mountain, and a Ravenous Rats. Tony discarded Nightscape Familiar, and Mike chose to throw away Vodalian Zombie. Mike then forced Tony to lose even more cards with a Bog Down, which took out an Island and a Duskwalker.

Tony put a Maniacal Rage on his Rats, which attacked for three. Instead of this he could have summoned a Hooded Kavu, and then played the Maniacal Rage on this creature next turn, but perhaps he was worried about such things as Agonizing Demise and wanted to play it on a black creature instead. Mike attempted to make a blocker for the Rats, with an Urborg Phantom, but it was removed by a Terminate. Mike did manage to trade with the Rats next turn as he played a Duskwalker with kicker.

Tony was left with no cards in hand after he summoned a Hooded Kavu, so Mike seemed to be gaining the ascendancy as he played a Lava Zombie, and replayed the Rats. Tony topdecked an Ancient Kavu which would at least allow him to trade with the Zombie.

Mike then finally drew an Island, which allowed him to cast Fact or Fiction, Tony giving him a Volcanic Imp and a Kavu Recluse. Tony cast Backlash on the Zombie, dealing four damage to Mike, and making him chump-block with his Rats.

But Mike now had two more creatures than Tony, which allowed him to double-block the Ancient Kavu, And Mike's next attack brought Tony down to six. Tony then drew Sinister Strength, which was unlucky as Mike was on six, and Tony could do 5 damage with a Hooded Kavu if he cast the enchantment on it. Instead he was forced to hold it back to block, but he could not deal with the Kavu Recluse in the two turns, which he had left.

Game Two

Tony started off rapidly in the second game, with a second turn Hate Weaver. Mike played a Ravenous Rats which got rid of a Backlash, and Tony then put Maniacal Rage on his Hate Weaver and attacked for four.

He also had Sinister Strength in his hand, although this would have meant putting all his eggs in one basket. Instead after Mike played a Kavu Recluse Tony decided to Bog Down, forcing Pustilnik to discard Duskwalker and Vodalian Zombie.

Mike confused the spectators momentarily by using his Kavu Recluse on one of his own lands, which enabled him to play the green kicker cost on his Thunderscape Battlemage, destroying Maniacal Rage. He removed the Hate Weaver with Cursed Flesh, and without a second Swamp, Tony had to sacrifice his Ancient Spring in order to play the Duskwalker in his hand with kicker.

Mike had to double-block the Duskwalker, with a Morgue Toad and a Ravenous Rat, as he was down to six, but Tony used a Strafe to kill the Morgue Toad, meaning that the Duskwalker stayed around. Meanwhile the American was killing Tony with a Thunderscape Battlemage and a Kavu Recluse. Tony was down to five, when he drew a Terminate. Now he could wait for Mike to attack, and then not block, which would have done him lethal damage were it not for the Terminate. Now Mike was on 3 life and facing a Duskwalker with no way to stop it, he conceded.

Game Three

Mike seemed pretty happy with his opening hand, but Tony's draw didn't contain a Swamp. He drew one on his Second turn, though, and played a Hate Weaver. In what seemed almost to be a rerun of game two, Mike played a Kavu Recluse, and Tony put Maniacal Rage on his Weaver and attacked for four.

Once again, Mike used the Thunderscape Battlemage's kicker cost to destroy the Maniacal Rage, and the Wizard traded with the Weaver.

With the board cleared after a Slingshot Goblin of Dobson's was blocked by Kavu Recluse, and Tony Repulsed the Goblin after damage was on the stack. The next two turns consisted of Mike Probing Tony, and then Tony Probing Mike.

However, it appeared that Mike got the better of this deal, as he had a Nightscape Battlemage and a Lava Zombie. All Tony had now was a Nightscape Familiar, with Sinister Strength on it. Mike drew a Volcanic Imp as well, which he played first, as it could hold off the Nightscape Familiar.

He then followed this up with the Battlemage, and destroyed Tony's Sulfur Vent, reducing Dobson to only one Swamp in play for black mana. The Volcanic Imp attacked, and Tony attacked back with the familiar. Finally the Lava Zombie came into play.

Tony tried to attack with a Rogue Kavu, but as this would have killed the Lava Zombie, Mike cast Magma Burst with kicker, forcing Tony to regenerate the Familiar as well. Now an attack from Mike would reduce Tony to only two life, so he used the Malicious Advice which he had hoped to use as an Aggressive card to stay alive. He drew and played an Ancient Kavu, which would trade with the Lava Zombie. This potential blocker was easily removed by the Battlemage's blue ability.

Tony tried one last time to play a blocker, but Mike had an Urborg Emissary, which removed Tony's remaining blocker, and allowed Pustilnik to attack for the win.

Final Result: Mike Pustilnik defeats Tony Dobson 2 - 1

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