Round 11: Gabriel Nassif vs. Gary Talim

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Craig Jones

Gabriel Nassif is one of a number of rising French stars. As a member of the team Les Plus Class he finished runner-up in the Team Pro Tour last year and has been racking up some solid finishes on the Grand Prix Circuit this year. Gary Talim is an American playing in his first Pro Tour and has stormed to a massive 9-1 record. Nassif is also flying high on 8-2.

Stalking Bloodsucker
The Frenchman is in for a tough matchup. He has a pretty good blue-black deck with Stalking Bloodsucker but his rookie opponent has an extremely aggressive red-green deck.

Talim elected to go first and was happy with his hand. Nassif however thought about his for a while before mulliganing.

Talim showed very quickly why he was 9-1 as he dropped two consecutive Wild Mongrels on turns 2 and 3. Nassif blocked one with an Organ Grinder and Talim was perfectly happy to throw two Pardic Lancers to keep his Mongrel alive.

Nassif got to Ghastly Demise a Krosan Avenger but that was his only joy as a Mongrel got Reckless Charged and then Charged again the turn after and it was on to game 2.

Talim 1-0 Nassif

Nassif thought again about his hand, but kept it this time.

Talim was out of the gates quickly with turn 1 and turn 2 Chatter of the Squirrel. Stuck with only swamps, Nassif Afflicted a Squirrel, and was then happy to take 5 damage to prevent a Longhorn Firebeast from coming into play.

Blazing Salvo
Taking another Lave Axe to the head to prevent his Dirty Wererat dying to Blazing Salvo was a much tougher choice. Nassif felt he had to take the damage and then Talim gave him another tough choice as Talim sent the Squirrel token in anyway.

Nassif had to try and hope it was a bluff and blocked with the Wererat. It wasn't and Sylvan Might smashed the Wererat into the graveyard.

Nassif cast Deep Analysis and cracked an egg in search of an answer.

A mighty Stalking Bloodsucker was forced to resort to chumping a Halberdier as Talim flashed back the Sylvan Might.

Nassif searched again with Careful Study and dropped Organ Grinder and Cephalid Looter.

Unfortunately Talim had another Sylvan Might.

The hapless Frenchman never stood a chance in two extremely savage games.

Final Result: Gary Talim beat Gabriel Nassif 2-0

Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

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