Round 11: Grant van Dyk vs. Andrew Monteith

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By Sideboard Staff

Mana, oh mana, why have you forsaken me? There wasn't a whole lot of mana in this match, at least for one side. Luckily, while this match assured the winner a spot in the top 8, it did not eliminate the loser. But for the loser, the pressure would be on in the final round. In this match between locals, Grant's deck was full of Healers and green monsters, while Andrew's deck had an array of creature kill and deadly creatures such as Bomb Squad and Chainflinger, real problems for a green/white deck without a removal spell in sight.

Andrew started off a bit poorly, opting to send his hand back for lack of lands, while his opponent seemed very content with his own. When Andrew drew his new hand, it featured many of the cards of the original hand, plus a couple of lands. Grant, playing first, started the game off with a turn two Wild Mongrel, probably the best turn two play in the format. Andrew, on the other hand, matched the Mongrel with a Sparkmage on turn two, which we can agree is not quite as impressive. Then again, Grant's turn three Tireless Tribe wasn't very savage either, especially since he cast I off a Sungrass Egg, burned for one, and failed to drop a third land. Andrew had nothing to punish his opponent for his land stall however, especially since he himself could only play a third red source. On the following turn, Andrew somewhat questionably chump block the Tireless Tribe who had just been improved with Seton's Desire, saving himself a mere three points of damage when he was still on eighteen. Andrew then found a fourth land and summoned a Chainflinger, but Grant continued the beats and added Mystic Zealot to the fray. Bomb Squad joined Andrew's forces, but he really could not get going fast enough to save Andrew, especially since Andrew didn't realize he could get two counters on a creature the upkeep after the Squad is summoned.

Game two seemed pretty good for both players early one. Grant summoned a Mystic Visionary only to have it Firebolted, but he then replaced it with a Hallowed Healer. Ember Beast came out next, looking pretty lonely, and Grant came back with a Krosan Archer, which is a bit better on his own. Then the game started to look a bit worse for Andrew when he failed to find a fourth land, leaving his Ember Beast looking very lonesome indeed. The fearful Ember Beast quavered in its lair, while a brother Krosan Archer and a Metamorphic Wurm joined the other Centaur. Finally, Andrew found a fourth land, but by this time things were looking grim. The damage was piling up too fast and the Archers' and Healers' abilities were making it very hard for Andrew to even out the board position at all. Earlier on, Andrew had declined to Ghastly Demise the Hallowed Healer, and now he was paying for it. At this point, he just could not spare the mana at any time and the Healer combined with the other men and Andrew's mana problems combined to destroy Andrew and his army.

Final Result: 2-0 Grant van Dyk

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