Round 11: Jan Tomcani vs. David Humpherys

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By Toby Wachter

Jan Tomcani vs. David Humpherys

As the players sat down, Humpherys mentioned that he hadn't heard of Tomcani before, and asked if he had placed well in any Pro level events. Tomcani mentioned that he came in 9th at Pro Tour Barcelona, and Humpherys brought up that "I've come in ninth at two Pro Tours." In this case, Magic is truly a universal language, as two players from different parts of the globe can discuss the unique pain of barely missing a Pro Tour Top 8.

Game 1

Tomcani won the roll, and decided to draw first. Humpherys played an unkicked Faerie Squadron on turn two. Tomcani, obviously sensing a gater, killed off the Squadron with Strafe. Keeping up, Humpherys played another Squadron without kicker. Once again, Tomcani had an answer as he cast Slingshot Goblin. However, it would take a turn to become active, and Humpherys used the window of opportunity to play Silver Drake, bringing back the Squadron. The Drake attacked for three on the following turn, and Humpherys missed his fourth land drop.

Slingshot Goblin swung back for two, and Tomcani summoned Magnigoth Treefolk. Humpherys found a fourth land, and used it to play Living Airship. Tomcani simply untapped and played Reckless Spite, killing off Humpherys's aerial assault force. He also played Ebony Treefolk, which put even more pressure on Humpherys. Faerie Squadron was cast without kicker, and a second Silver Drake was played. It died to Agonizing Demise, and Tomcani's team came through for plenty of damage.

Jan Tomcani

Humpherys would need a miracle to get out of this situation, and he used Hobble to nullify Ebony Treefolk. He cast Jilt to bounce the Magnigoth Treefolk during Tomcani's attack step, but Consume Strength was played in response to pump an unblocked creature and squeeze through the last necessary points of damage.

Tomcani- 1 Humpherys- 0

Game 2

Humpherys chose to play first, and Tomcani mulliganed his opening hand. A first turn Squadron showed up once again, and Tomcani had his own first turn play in Thunderscape Apprentice. Surprisingly, Humpherys got to three mana, and did not play Silver Drake. The Squadron and Apprentice traded attacks across the table for a few turns, while Tomcani was land stalled, and summoned Tundra Kavu. Tomcani attacked with both his creatures on the following turn, and Humpherys blocked the Apprentice with his Squadron, and returned it to his hand with Jilt after damage went on the stack. Tomcani summoned Slingshot Goblin, and ended his turn.

The Faerie Squadron was now replayed with kicker, but Tomcani had no fear, and sent both his 2/2 into the Red Zone. Humpherys did not want to lose his 3/3 flier to a combat trick, and took four damage. Tomcani still killed it off with Strafe, and was doing very well for someone who still hadn't drawn a fourth land. Humpherys played Vodalian Merchant and discarded a land, and followed up by playing Shackles on Slingshot Goblin. Tundra Kavu attacked once again, bringing Humpherys down to nine. Tomcani drew a swamp, which represented his fourth land of the game, and cast Ebony Treefolk. Humpherys used Hobble to deal with the Treefolk, and stabilized the board with a kicked Prison Barricade.

David Humpherys

Tundra Kavu attacked into the Barricade, and Tomcani used Consume Strength, killing off the Merchant and making his Tundra Kavu bigger. This left Humpherys with no creatures, although he did play Capashen Unicorn on the following turn. Tundra Kavu attacked again, and Savage Gorilla came out as well. The Gorilla attacked alone on the next turn and was unblocked. Tomcani made one of his lands into an island with Tundra Kavu, and played a +4/+4 Gaea's Might on his Gorilla, putting lethal damage on the board. Humpherys saved himself with a kicked Rushing River, bouncing Hobble and the Gorilla. Tomcani was not finished, and used the island he made to play Temporal Springs, putting the Unicorn back on Humpherys's library.

Hobble was replayed on the Treefolk, and the Unicorn came back out, but was bounced by Silver Drake. Tomcani summoned Caldera Kavu, putting more threats on the ground. The Unicorn was replayed, and Tomcani played his second swamp, and attacked with Caldera Kavu. Humpherys blocked it with both his creatures, and Tomcani pumped once, killing off the Drake. Angelic Shield was cast by Humpherys on the next turn, which at least allowed his only blocker to handle Tomcani's only attacker. Not that it mattered, as Tomcani unleashed the beast, and summoned Darigaaz, the Igniter. Humpherys played Dodecapod, but only had one card in hand.

The Dragon attacked for six, bringing Humpherys down to one life point. Shackles was returned on end step, and was replayed on the Dragon during Humpherys' turn. Still, the damage had been done, and Tomcani now only needed to get through one point of damage to win the match. Humpherys seemed to have the solution to this problem when he played Gerrard Capashen, but Tomcani killed it off with Agonizing Demise on end step, and then used Rushing River to clear the way for his attack.

Final Result: Tomcani- 2 Humpherys- 0

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