Round 11: Kamiel Cornelissen vs. Ken Krouner

Posted in Event Coverage on November 9, 2002

By Victor van den Broek

This would prove to be a match of very unlikely events. Unfortunately they don't happen until the second and third games. Sit back, and enjoy.

Game 1

Ken wins the flip and Kamiel has to mulligan. He mulliganed into Krosan Colossus, Underground River, Reanimate, two Vampiric Tutors and a Mox Diamond, as Ken's Duress shows. Kamiel plays the Underground River and passes the turn. Ken Cabal Therapies Kamiel, who Tutors in response. His other Tutor is stripped by the Therapy. A Hermit Druid hits the board next turn, with the help of the Mox Diamond and a Forsaken City, making Ken look a little less happy.

Ken spends his next turn playing a Yavimaya Elder. Kamiel fetches his Mountain with the Hermit Druid, and Cabal Therapies Ken for Pernicious Deed. He reveals just a Spike Feeder and a Treetop Village. The Spike Feeder comes down next turn and the Elder serves, bringing Kamiel to 14 life. Kamiel does nothing, but when Ken attacks with his Feeder, Elder and Treetop, Kamiel blocks the Elder with the Hermit and activates it. Ken saves his Elder with the Feeder, and brings Kamiel to 9 life. Kamiel plays Krosan Reclamation on the 2 Reanimates in the deck and Reanimates the Sutured Ghoul, attacking for 26 while going down to 1 himself.

Game 2

Ken brings in a full arsenal for this: 4 Phyrexian Negator, 2 Coffin Purge, 2 Diabolic Edict and a Haunting Echoes, taking out 2 Yavimaya Elder, a Duress, a Feeder, 2 Spiritmonger, a Living Death and a Pernicious Deed.

He has to mulligan his hand, and Kamiel keeps his cards after some thought. Ken brings out a Bird first turn, and Kamiel gets a peek in with Duress. He gets to take away Ken's Pernicious Deed, leaving a Ravenous Baloth and some land in there. Ken has no turn two play, and Kamiel takes away the Baloth with a Cabal Therapy, only to Reanimate the Baloth himself. Ken draws and plays a Yavimaya Elder, Kamiel answers with a Mighty Mystery Morphguy and continues to play land.

Kamiel's Baloth charges in and brings Ken to 15 life. Ken attacks back with the Elder, bringing Kamiel to 10, but he's losing the beatdown race to the Hermit deck as it is... Next turn Kamiel Duresses Ken, taking the lone Diabolic Edict in there. Ken just thought it was a land, so Kamiel got to keep his morph guy.

Ken: "Wow that was really bad"

Ken sacs the Elder at the end of his turn, looking for more business spells. He got one in the incarnation of Recurring Nightmare, and got back his Yavimaya Elder by sacrificing his Birds of Paradise. Kamiel just attacks with his Baloth and plays a land. Ken gets a Cabal Therapy in next turn, but finds only land in Kamiel's hand. Then a Spike Feeder joins the Recurring Nightmare madness, and Ken fetches a Spiritmonger with a Vampiric Tutor next. Kamiel blocks the Spiritmonger with the Ravenous Baloth to give him some more time, as he was at 6 mana so far. He plays land and Mox Diamond on his next turn, attacking with his morph guy. Ken blocks with the Elder, knowing well what the morph guy is. Kamiel taps 8 mana, and UNMORPHS the Krosan Colossus.

Now just think about that for a moment – how often are you going to see a Krosan Colossus being unmorphed the hard way in a Constructed Tournament. At the same time at the table next to us, Jon Finkel cast a Life to swarm John Larkin to death with 1/1s.

Unfortunately for Kamiel, he died two turns after his Krosan Colossus got Diabolic Edicted next turn.

Game 3

Ken looks somewhat nervous during shuffling, knowing full well that Kamiel's deck is capable of killing him before he has a decent shot at doing anything. Kamiel's double mulligan comforts Ken a bit, but when the second turn Hermit Druid hits, that comfort is gone. Ken played a Treetop Village first turn, a Dustbowl on his second along with Birds of Paradise, so he has no threats to Kamiel whatsoever. Kamiel plays Bloodstained Mire, gets the Mountain, and shows Ken the Exhume. Winning on turn 3 after double mulliganing doesn't happen that often either...

Final Result: Cornelissen 2 - Krouner 1

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