Round 11: Object of Affection vs. Cleeman’s Fan Club

Posted in Event Coverage on June 8, 2003

By Mark Wraith

With only one more round to go Object of Affection (Walamies, Thoren, Jonsson) need one more win to make the semi-finals. Standing in their way is the relatively unknown Danish team of Cleeman's Fan Club (Lasse Nørgaard, Martin Dang, Jens Balsby.) A win probably wouldn't help them make top 4 but it would mean money, Pro Points and a slot in PT Boston.

A Tomi Walamies vs Lasse Nørgaard
B Jens Thoren vs Martin Dang
C Anton Jonsson vs Jens Balsby

After following the draft Mark Wraith said the Seat A matchup might be the most interesting, something Tomi Walamies agreed with, so I followed this matchup.

Game 1

Nørgaard opened with a Carrion Feeder but then his deck stuttered as he cycled a Dirge of Dread and then made a Barren Moor on the following turn. Walamies had gas as he summoned first an Elvish Warrior then an amplified Brawler. Nørgaard matched it with a Canopy Crawler then ripped another off the top.

Stuck on 3 land Walamies had no option but to send in his monsters. A Patron of the Wild flipped over to take care of one of the Canopy Crawlers.

It was only a temporary reprieve as Walamies had no answer to the Clutch of Undeath enchanted Murkdiver that followed.

Nørgaard 1-0 Walamies

Game 2

Game 2 and Walamies started aggressively with Elvish Warrior and a succession of morphs. A Festering Goblin got rid of the first, a Patron of the Wild, and Nørgaard showed he also had a good draw as a Wirewood Savage was followed by an amplified Canopy Crawler and then a Berserk Murlodont.

On the end Anton Jonsson went 1-0 up.

Walamies flipped over a Skinthinner to deal with the dangerous Crawler and then kept dropping monsters on the table. Nørgaard snuck through 2 points by charging a Savage past a Crown of Suspicioned Noxious Ghoul. The crown was sacked to wipe out the Skinthinner.

Walamies added a Gourna to the assault. This gave Nørgaard another card through the Savage, but all his monsters were green and Walamies killed him with a Dirge of Dread on the following turn.

Nørgaard 1-1 Walamies

Game 3

Nørgaard surprised in Game 3 by Plainscycling a Noble Templar to get a plains from his deck. He didn't have a beast to amplify his Canopy Crawler though and just concentrated on the beats as a Screeching Buzzard hit the table.

Walamies next turn was cute. He sacrificed Symbiotic Elf and the resulting insects to boost a Carrion Feeder to 4/4 then negated the card disadvantage with a Caller of the Claw.

Nørgaard fought back and summoned a Hollow Specter. Walamies attacked with his team, clearing the ground while his Carrion Feeder got bigger both from an Accelerated Mutation and eating the remains of Walamies dead attackers.

Nørgaard used the Hollow Specter's ability on the following attack and couldn't have liked what he saw: Reaping the Graves, a second Accelerated Mutation, Dirge of Dread and Patron of the Wild. On only 8 life the Dane was in big trouble. He'd attacked with both the Buzzard and Specter, there was nothing to leave back on defense and Walamies didn't care which card Nørgaard took as he had multiple ways to boost the Feeder for the win.

The Patron came down, flipped over to make the Feeder a 9/9 and that was game.

Result: Walamies beat Nørgaard 2-1

The other seats were both tied 1-1 apiece but it didn't look like it would stay that way long as Jonsson had currently taken on Form of the Dragon and was battering a hapless Balsby, who had only land in play. The MODO playing dragon machine took the match a few turns later to secure Object of Affection a berth in the Semi-Finals

Final Result: Object of Affection beat Cleeman's Fan club and advance to the Semi-Finals

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