Round 11: Raphaël Lévy vs. Christoph Lippert

Posted in Event Coverage on March 24, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

Game 1

Lévy won the die roll and things got on their way. None of them mulliganed and they started dropping lands. On his second turn, Christoph summoned a Mystic Visionary that Lévy matched with a Hydromorphic Guardian. Centaur Chieftain brought the Frenchmen down to thirteen. He was facing five points of damage each turn so he brought in a Painbringer with no cards in his Graveyard but with an active Cephalid Looter. The German kept attacking and played Sickening Dreams for two clearing all creatures but his Chieftain. Lévy then pulled a rabbit out of his hat with Sengir Vampire that kept his opponent's forces at bay. He followed it up with a Stupefying Touch and a Psychatog.

No more attacks were made and both players kept summoning creatures until Lévy brought back his Painbringer with a Gravedigger to start taking out any blockers on Lippert's Side. To be sure he played a Mesmerian Fiend to remove one of two Morbid Hunger out of the German's hand and cast his Painbringer.

Christoph thought long and hard about his next play: He played Morbid Hunger on his opponent while shaking his head, realizing there was nothing much to do but still with a glance of hope since Lévy was at three life.

The Frenchmen was also having a hard time needing to sweat it out until he attacked with a lonesome Vampire, used Painbringer to kill an Aven Flock and cast Engulfing Flames on a Crypt Keeper leaving the German with two creatures. To finish his turn he played a Scrivener and brought back his Flames. The German only needed two more lands to pay the buyback of his Morbid Hunger but his opponent was not going to go down easy. Still, Lévy combined the Flames together with his Painbringer to take the Chieftain out of the way for his Psychatog and his Vampire.

Lippert was down to six life and drew nothing to get his stolen Hunger back and conceded.

Lippert 0 – 1 Lévy

Game 2

When Lévy played a Crypt Keeper on his second turn Christoph responded with a Visionary. A Mesmerian Fiend revealed two Aven Flocks, a Hallowed Healer, a Centaur Chieftain, a Morbid Hunger and a Forest. Lévy chose to take out the Chieftain, since it had already been annoying for him during the first game.

Lippert has to go defensively and casts a hallowed Healer that takes out the Fiend to return the Chieftain that spelled three certain damage next turn.
Lévy was once again on the clock and casts his Painbringer with only two cards in his graveyard. Lippert cast one of his two Aven Flocks and ended his turn.

A Gravedigger on the Frenchmen's side was to get the Fiend back to steal a Morbid Hunger but revealed a new card: Morgue Theft.

Raphaël finally manages to end the Chieftain saga and now has to handle two Aven Flocks. He took one out with a flashbacked Chainer's Edict. When Lippert tried to use Morgue Theft for his Chieftain his opponent's Crypt Keeper made that impossible. The German had a plan though, by playing Strength of isolation on his Aven Flock. The Aven Flock got later on enchanted by a Stupefying Touch, which did not prevent him from keep attacking Raphaël.

Once again Sengir Vampire hit the table to blacken Lippert's hopes but not all was lost then he only needed one extra turn and he would deliver lethal damage to the Frenchmen. He held on to his life by playing one of his two flying creatures in his hand.

The Frenchmen concedes and on to game 3.

Lippert 1 – 1 Lévy

Game 3

They started the third game with only thirteen minutes on the clock and Lévy made the signal for his opponent to hurry. Lippert did need a mulligan and seemed to be in a spot when Lévy started pounding with his Keeper. Déjà vu, a Mystic Visionary appears and they trade damage. Déjà vu, take 2, a Chieftain appeared and joined the beatings.

Then Lippert played a Major Teroh and the board had taken a swirl around. Lévy was in trouble. He stalled at three land and was forced to discard once. Without much hope left and facing three creatures he asked his opponent if his cards were very good he would just concede. Without much mana he played a Gravedigger and took five damage to go down to two life. Raphaël started drawing cards from his deck and conceded. In the end we saw three Crippling Fatigue's in Lippert's deck that never saw daylight in anyone of those games.

Final Result: Lippert 2 – 1 Lévy

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