Round 11 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on February 23, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

1Chapman, MichaelWon 2-1vs.Rodriguez, Erik
2Kirsch, GeoffreyLost 0-2vs.Choma, Tom
3Freneau, PhilipLost 0-2vs.Larson, Matt
4Glacken, JesseLost 0-2vs.Fitch, Britt
5Baker, JimmyLost 0-2vs.Mowshowitz, Zvi
6Laroche, FrançoisLost 1-2vs.De Rosa, Antonino
7Regnier, ShawnLost 0-2vs.Tsang, Gabriel
8Wagener, JoshuaLost 1-2vs.Kibler, Brian
9DeTora, MelissaLost 1-2vs.Stark, Ben
10Moore, JeremyWon 2-1vs.Freedman, Jerry
11Darling, JeremyLost 0-2vs.Breider, Aaron
12Lynch, BrianWon 2-0vs.Jackson, Allen
13James, EricLost 0-2vs.Jordan, Paul
14Crosby, JosephLost 1-2vs.Howard, David
15Rubin, BenWon 2-0vs.Horvath, Adam
16Becker, JonathanWon 2-1vs.Patel, Kush
17Russell, PaulWon 2-1vs.Mondon, Chris
18Gerhardt, B. ScottLost 1-2vs.Christensen, Jordan
19Cory, MatthewWon 2-0vs.Vienneau, Matthew
20Gauthier, Martin-EricWon 2-0vs.thomas, mike
21Van Cleave, TreyWon 2-0vs.Imperiale, Jason
22Impellizzieri, AnthonyLost 0-2vs.Flores, Michael
23benanzer, andrewLost 1-2vs.Bachmann, David
24Ruggiero, PasqualeWon 2-1vs.Fuller, Ryan C
25Zajdner, MarkWon 2-1vs.Gilmore, Mike
26Linde, MattLost 1-2vs.Berkowitz, Jordan
27Heal, BryanWon 2-1vs.Nolan, David
28Fear, EdwardWon 2-0vs.Wachter, Toby
29White, JeremyWon 2-0vs.Tautic, Raymond
30Orellana, MannyWon 2-1vs.Wright, Randy
31Glavin, LucasWon 2-0vs.Burn, Seth
32Turian, MichaelLost 1-2vs.Walls, Gabe

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