Round 11 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on November 13, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Stolze, PhilipLost 0-2vs.Ruggiero, Pasquale
2Utter, StevenDrew 1-1vs.Ketita, Nassim
3Rabovsky, JeffLost 1-2vs.Pikula, Chris
4Shay, RichardLost 0-2vs.Goodman, Ben
5colgan, seanWon 2-1vs.Watts, Andrew
6Schmit, MarkLost 1-2vs.Lieberman, Alex
7Rose, MartyLost 0-2vs.Lebedowicz, Osyp
8McGregor, PatWon 2-1vs.De Rosa, Antonino
9Tautic, RaymondLost 0-2vs.Sonne, Jonathan
10Fisher, BryanWon 2-0vs.Fabiano, Gerard
11Cheng, VincentLost 0-2vs.Impellizzieri, Anthony
12Tsao, DennisWon 2-0vs.Lyons, Paul
13smart, tomLost 1-2vs.Serignese, Paul
14Krumb, MichaelLost 0-2vs.Kunz, Erich
15McDaniel, ChrisLost 1-2vs.Phan, Lam
16Rice, DavidLost 0-2vs.Jordan, Paul
17McLaughlin, KeithWon 2-0vs.Connelly, Chris
18Hatfield, AlixLost 0-2vs.LaCasse, John
19Cuneo, AndrewLost 1-2vs.Pustilnik, Michael
20Chambers, AdamWon 2-0vs.Kunkel, Jeremy
21Szleifer, GadielWon 2-1vs.Banfield, Brendan
22Trudeau, NickWon 2-0vs.Long, Noah
23Horvath, AdamLost 1-2vs.Arthurs, Marshall
24Sussino, TimothyLost 1-2vs.Gearhart, David
25Scheurer, ScottWon 2-0vs.Sadin, Steven
26Ioli, MarkLost 0-2vs.Darland, Eric
27Irvine, DavidWon 2-1vs.Thompson, Gerry
28Lowe, GregLost 1-2vs.Bowles, Adam
29Wauer, CarlLost 0-2vs.Tormos, Ervin
30fuentes, CalossoLost 0-2vs.Kadlec, Robert
31Fiorillo, NicholasWon 2-1vs.brinner, justin
Moreno, William * BYE *

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