Round 11 - Victor Galimbertti vs. Raphael Garcia

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By Toby Wachter

Game 1

Raphael went first, and thought for a bit before deciding to keep his opening hand. Victor started off with a first turn Mogg Sentry. It attacked on the following turn, and Victor played a Port, but did not use it. Raphael played a Tsabo's Web, and Victor destroyed it with a Pillage, and served again with the Sentry. The following turn saw Kris Mage join the Sentry, and Victor played a Seal of Fire as well. Raphael played Fact or Fiction at the end of the turn, and Victor split the piles into Wrath/Wrath/Island and Tsabo's Web/Dismantling Blow. Raphael took the three card pile. He then untapped, played a Coastal Tower, and removed the Kris Mage from play with Last Breath.

Another Kris Mage was summoned, and Victor chose not to Port Raphael on upkeep, leaving him the two White needed to cast Wrath. However, he did not want to tap out to play it, so he ended his turn and Victor Ported him on end step. The Sentry and Kris Mage attacked for some more damage, and were followed up with a Shock and a Seal of Fire. A third Seal of Fire was played on the following turn. Raphael now finally played Wrath of God, but was already at ten life staring down three Seal of Fire.

The game slowed down drastically at this point, with Victor hesitant to play his threats into countermagic. He drew into a second Port, and continued to tap down two of Raphael's lands every turn. During this time, Raphael drew some cards with an Accumulated Knowledge and a Fact or Fiction, which revealed Story Circle. It was put into a pile by itself, but Raphael still took it. Victor played Urza's Rage, but Raphael was ready with Misdirection. He then played the Story Circle, but Victor was able to use Ports to deprive Raphael of white mana for at least the turn. He sacrificed all his Seals to bring Raphael down to four. He then cast Shock, which was countered. A Skizzik followed and resolved, giving Victor the first game.

Galimbertti- 1 Garcia- 0

Game 2

Raphael played first again, and Victor mulliganed his opening hand. Victor played a first turn Mogg Sentry, while Raphael played a Millstone. Victor followed up on the next turn by playing a second Sentry and a Port. The weenie army increased on turn three with a Kris Mage, and the Port was left open for use on Raphael's upkeep. He attacked again on the next turn, and Raphael tapped out to activate Millstone on end step. Victor used the opportunity to play Boil, which took out two of Raphael's four lands. Things looked pretty bad, but Raphael did play Story Circle, although it left him tapped out and vulnerable.

This was reason enough for Victor to play Blood Oath naming instants, but it only dealt three damage. He saw two Wrath of God in Raphael's hand, neither of which could be played since Raphael had three lands. Victor now untapped and played Dust Bowl, which brought Raphael down to two lands. His Port was also used on end step to tap down a plains. The Dust Bowl then took out another land, and Raphael conceded.

Galimbertti- 2 Garcia- 0

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