Round 12: Albertus Law vs. Arvi Limpadanai

Posted in Event Coverage on July 13, 2003

By Brian David-Marshall

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Albertus Law was playing the same Astral Slide deck as Nick Wong—with slightly more success. Nick has fallen out of Top 8 contention while Albertus can make it—provided he keeps on winning.

His opponent was playing Reanimator and is one of the handful of Thai players that have stepped up their game for this event. He had slipped some in the standing since his fifth place start this morning but he too could Top 8 with two more victories.

Game 1

Albertus was playing Slide but it was his opponent who started cycling with Undead Gladiator. He returned it with Arcanis during his upkeep. Albertus had a couple of cyclers of his own—Secluded Steppe and Spark Spray. He played Astral Slide on turn three and sent the turn back to Arvi.

Lightning Rift
Arvi cast Cabal Therapy naming Wrath of God and saw Guided Light, Slice and DiceBurning Wish and a Lightning Rift. He played his Gladiator and took the Wish with the discard spell.

Albertus untapped and played the Lightning Rift. His opponent Zombified the Arcanis. Albertus cycled the freshly minted Eternal Dragon and on his next turn stacked Slide after his end of turn to do two and keep the pitfighter at bay for a turn. Arvi discarded a Nishoba to return his cycler. When he attempted to Cabal Therapy it was countered with Guided Light. Arcanis returned to play but it was killed with Slice and Dice on his next turn.

On his upkeep Albertus returned the Dragon. Arvi cycled his Gladiator and waited to see if his opponent was going to do anything with his Rift but Albertus did not. Buried Alive put Anger, Visara and Rotlung Reanimator in his bin. Cabal Therapy prompted a cycle of the Dragon from Albertus and when he named Burning Wish it whiffed.

Renewed Faith did two and found Albertus another Rift and he played it and the second Slide he had been holding as well. Doomed Necromancer made an Arcanis and the Thai immediately drew three cards. Albertus returned his Dragon and passed back the turn to the man with Ancestral on a stick.

Rotlung Reanimator made a zombie token when he flashed back Cabal Therapy. Albertus cycled and did not have the Burning Wish his opponent hoped to find. He recurred the Dragon and sent back the turn.

When Arvi cast Burning Wish for Epicenter and cast it, Albertus cycled the Dragon and shot down Arcanis. Arvi drew three cards and discarded some Smothers.

Albertus began to build back up with a Steppe and followed with a Plains. He went straight to three lands as did Arvi who played a Withered Wretch and attacked his opponent down to 22. Arcanis reappeared on the fourth turn and Albertus decided he was better off shooting his opponent then the pitfighter and cycled Guided Light and dropped him to eleven. He held back a Forgotten Cave to get him to seven while his opponent drew four card a turn.

A Rotlung joined the attack and Albertus shoved it to the sidelines and did the anticipated four points to his opponent who played another Withered Wretch. Albertus held back another Cave and his opponent played a Doomed Necromancer, which found another Doomed Necromancer—making a Zombie token. He made three tokens all told and attacked with everyone. Albertus took ten while killing two tokens with Slide and dropped his opponent to three. Arvi flashed back a Cabal Therapy-naming Slice and Dice—he saw Burning Wish Faithful and two more Slides

Albertus ripped the Slice and Dice off the top and finished off the local hero.

Albertus Law - 1 Arvi Limpadanai - 0

Game 2

Things were looking up for Arvi when his Cabal Therapy naming Lighting Rift found the enchantment on turn one—two Faiths, Slice and Dice and three lands remained. Buried Alive was his third turn play burying a Gladiator, Visara and Anger. Albertus gained two EOT with a Faith.

Arvi returned the Gladiator on the next turn discarding Arcanis and Albertus cycled Eternal Dragon EOT. He main phase cycled and found a Burning Wish but didn't cast it for fear of Cabal Therapy. Arvi zombified an Arcanis.

The Burning Wish found a Morningtide and he tore away both graveyards—Arvi did not have a Mountain in play to draw cards off of the Arcanis despite the gasp form the crowd. He drew three on the next turn and played Doomed Necromancer and Rotlung. Albertus Sliced and Diced them away leaving two zombies in their stead.

Arvi played a Grotto and Zombified Arcanis after playing another Necromancer but Albertus had the second Dice.

Burning Wish from the Thai player found a Zombify and Arcanis came down for the third time. Albertus cycled Guided Light into Wrath of God and killed it for the third time. Arvi Grotto'd up a Rotlung and played a Withered Wretch alongside it. Albertus cycled for answers and played an unimpressive Auramancer. He chose not to block and got in with it for two before playing an Eternal Dragon.

Arvi played another Rotlung and attacked for four. There were no blocks from Albertus and he got in for five with his dragon. Cabal Therapy was a dilemma and Albertus ultimately let it resolve. Arvi named Eternal Dragon and saw Slice and Dice, Faith, Guided Light and Decree of Justice. When he flashed it back, Albertus cycled the Decree for four soldiers and allowed Arvi to take the Renewed Faith.

Albertus played an Astral Slide and attacked with the team. Arvi put zombies in the way of two soldiers and after damage he cycled his Slice and Dice—removing his Dragon from the game to have a blocker next turn when it came back. Arvi looked the board over, drew a card and extended the hand.

Final Result: Albertus Law - 2 Arvi Limpadanai - 0

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