Round 12: Alex Shvartsman vs. Kruger Wagner

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By Thomas Pannell

Alex attends nearly every Grand Prix that does not conflict with a Pro Tour or another Grand Prix. He made Cape Town no exception. Alex is on pace to add another Grand Prix Top 8 to his résumé. All that stands in the way is Kruger Wagner. Wagner playing in his first GP is eligible for the amateur award. He is not without a good finish of his own. Wagner finished 5th at South African Nationals last year.

Wagner needed only a single win out of three rounds played after this Rochester draft. It was looking very good for the South African player as he managed to draft the best deck at the table, featuring powerful spells such as double Overrun and double Beast Attack. However, Wagner's luck faltered and he managed to lose the first two rounds due to some poor luck - Wagner drew a total of two Beast Attacks in his first two matches. Now, both of these players needed a win in order to make it into the single elimination rounds.

Game one started out very well for the South African. Wild Mongrel enchanted by a Senton's Desire attacked on the third turn put Alex on a very quick clock. Alex tried to hold off the beats but was only able to cast 3 spells before dying to an Overrun on turn 7.

Game 2 started with the same way with a second turn Wild Mongrel. Alex responded, "Great, you got only one of those guys." Alex put up some early defense with Krosen Avenger and Stalking Tiger. Kruger went for the win with Overrun a fews turns after he drew his Seton's Desire. Alex had the answer however in the form of Aether Burst on Metamorphic Wurm enchanted with Seton's Desire after Kruger attacked. This slowed down the bleeding a little but things were still looking rough for the America if he could find an answer for Metamorphic Wurm (Now a 7/7 due to threshold). Kruger telegraphed Alex's doom by asking if Alex had any Diligent Farmhands in his graveyard. Alex double blocked to kill the 7/7 saying, "If you have the Muscle Burst I lose anyway.

Final Result: Kruger Magner 2- Alex Shvartsman 0

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