Round 12: Borut Todorovic vs. Wolfgang Eder

Posted in Event Coverage on July 5, 2003

By Rui Oliveira

It's nice to see that Magic players don't forget their loved ones in their moments of success. As Borut sat down for his first Featured Match ever he didn't forget to send a "Hello" to his mum.

Eder is no stranger to these "winner has a shot at the Top 8" rounds, since he already made Euros Top 8 before.

Game 1

Eder sent his first hand back and wasn't too happy about the second one either. Borut kept a land heavy hand, with Lightning Rift and at least two cycling lands. The Rift came down on the second turn and Eder cycled a Gempalm Incinerator looking for help.

On his turn he played a Goblin Warchief that hit once before the Rift sent it packing. Goblin Sledder and Taskmaster came in to replace it, as Todorovic muttered about Eder's intriguing Black mana. A Goblin with Black mana meant there was something he didn't expect.

Another two cycling lands took out the two Goblins and Eder cycled another Incinerator. A second Rift and a still-unpowered Nantuko Monastery entered the game on Borut's side. He seemed in control of the game.

Then Wolfgang showed his trick: Patriarch's Bidding. In came the Goblins. Todorovic cycled Slice and Dice, but the best he could do was minimize the damage since Wolfgang had Goblin Sledder. In came eight points of damage leaving the Slovenian at nine.

The German kept the pressure by playing a morphed Marauder and unmorphing it. Borut was down at seven and facing eight points of damage. He cycled Krosan Tusker and shot Warchief and a Incinerator. With the Marauder losing haste (the Warchief died), Wolfgang could only attack with the remaining Incinerator.

Todorovic was now at five, with his Monastery active and two Rifts. The Monastery blocked one of the Goblins and a normally-cast Renewed Faith brought Todorovic UP to nine.

A second Forest meant the Slovenian could now activate both his Monasteries. The public started to wander away to the other table. To get things completely under control Borut Todorovic played Exalted Angel.

Bu that gave Wolfgang Eder the opening he needed. He played a second Patriarch's Bidding and the Warchief powered in just enough damage to finish the game before the Angel could help the stunned Todorovic out.

Maybe he was nervous about his first Featured Match but Borut forgot to name Beast when Eder played Bidding. That would have returned his cycled Tusker to help block the incoming horde.

Wolfgang 1-0 Borut.

Wolfgang: "This should be a good match-up for you. I built my deck like this to beat Green-Red."
Borut: "It looks great."
Wolfgang: "At least I can say it was my own creation, and people often don't expect it."

Game 2

Eder's first turn Duress grabbed Lightning Rift over Slice and Dice, revealing Krosan Tusker and Exalted Angel as well. A second Duress grabbed a newly drawn Astral Slide. Happy with his discarding opening Eder turned to the "dealing damage" portion.

He started things with Goblin Piledriver and Skirk Marauder. Todorovic cycled Tusker for a Plains and that powered out Astral Slide. He followed that with a morph (no prizes for guessing). The Goblins powered in to bring the Slovenian to fourteen and Eder dropped the elbow: Sulfuric Vortex.

The Angel went away and came back. On his turn Borut sent it in. Eder swung back and Todorovic took both creatures out of the table for a while. Between the Angel and using the Slide the Slovenian was using Eder's Vortex to win the race.

Another swing left Eder at six, the Vortex brought him down to four. His draw step didn't provide any special help. With a low "OK", he acknowledge defeat and moved on to the last game.

Wolfgang 1-1 Borut.

Game 3

Eder had another though decision, but he kept his hand. Borut didn't seem very happy s well, but he kept. They both took their own sweet time initially with the first move belonging to Eder with turn three Goblin Warchief.

Astral Slide popped up across the table, Eder thought long and hard about it and decided he was safe enough to drop the Vortex this early. Borut played a morphed and buckled down for the race once again.

Wolfgang Eder wasn't about to lose this race to an Angel. He dropped Siege-gang Commander and sent the whole crew in. The morph iced the Commander and the upkeep left Todorovic at seven.

He played a Rift and did the math a few times before cycling a useless Renewed Faith to kill Warchief and a token, but he kept his Angel in defensive duty. Eder's Vortex left the German at fifteen.

In came another Goblin Warchief and Borut dropped to Five. The upkeep left him at a mere Three. Just enough to find Disenchant and send the Vortex away. His Angel was back in life-gaining duty.

Wolfgang Eder had Patriarch's Bidding and returned two Warchiefs and Siege-Gang Commander. Thankfully for Borut he had Slice and Dice. When the dust cleared he had reduced Eder's army to Commander and a single Warchief.

With the crowd piling in the Slovenian played a second Slide and his Angel brought him up to eleven, leaving the German at seven. Eder played Goblin Sledder and Todorovic went crazy with a cycled Krosan Tusker.

The Warchief died and the Commander stepped out for a breather. The Sledder was all alone. Exalted Angel flew in to leave Wolfgang Eder at three, a Rift shot brought Eder to a single life point and hid the Angel.

Then the Slovenian Wrathed the table away. The Commander took two shots at Todorovic. Eder had one last chance. He played Patriarch's Bidding, Borut returned his Krosan Tusker and...

Wolfgang (extending his hand): "Not enough"

Final Result: Borut 2-1 Wolfgang.

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