Round 12 Feature Match:

Posted in Event Coverage on March 28, 2004

By Craig Jones

Tiago Chan is the current Portuguese National Champion and a frequent visitor to the European Grand Prix circuit. David Grant is one of the better English players. He has a couple of Pro Tour appearances under his belt and represented the national team back in Sydney 2002. Both have two losses and really need to win the next two to be able to advance to the final table.

Game 1

This quickly became a battle of the weenie fliers as an Arcbound Stinger appeared on either side. Grant also had an Pteron Ghost while Chan brought in an Emmisary of Despair. In the kingdom of the one toughness monsters the man with Viridian Longbow is king and Grant proceeded to shoot Chan's airforce out the sky.

Emissary of Despair

Chan charged in on the ground with a Vulshok Berserker, trying to take advantage of Grant's slight mana screw. An Alpha Myr bought the Englishman time and soon the bow was switching hands to double ping Chan's creatures.

Chan had an Atog, but on artifacts while Grant started to pile on the pressure with a Skyhunter Patrol and then a Juggernaut. He took the game a couple of turns later.

Grant 1 – 0 Chan

Game 2

"Good luck. Keep it real," from Grant.

Chan elected to go first. He zipped out a third turn Dross Golem only for Grant to use a Myr to whip out a turn 3 Juggernaut. Grant took six on the following turn as a Berserker came screaming it. He replied back in kind with the Myr and Juggernaut and then cast Blinding Beam to prevent Chan's creatures from untapping. With a Viridian Longbow cast the same turn the Englishman was looking good.

Chan brought out a Dross Golem only for Grant to catch the Portuguese player with another Blinding Beam, this time entwined. Grant crashed in for another 6.

A Consume Spirit from Chan finally got rid of the Juggernaut and brought him back into the game. Once his guys got to untap he had 9 power worth of ground force against Grant's Skyhunter Cub and Iron Myr. Another Berserker charged in and Grant was forced to trade the Cub and chump with a Myr.

A Soldier Replica got rid of one of the Dross Golems but Grant was out of gas and scooped his cards up a turn later.

Grant 1 – 1 Chan

Game 3
Both players thought for a while and seemed a little unhappy with their hands, but elected to keep. Grant whipped out a Leonin Scimitar and Alpha Myr. He then followed it with Soldier Replica. Chan hadn't even cast a spell yet.

An Emmisary of Despair appeared for the Portuguese player. Grant hit him for 4 with the Myr and Scimitar'ed up Replica.

The Emissary came in with a hasty Berserker and the Replica took one for the team to take out the flying menace. Grant continued to be aggressive, dropping a Spectre's Shroud on the Myr to strip an unneeded Mountain from Chan's hand.

Chan kept the creatures coming: an Atog and Dross Golem. Grant had a Blinding Beam though and then drew a second one. With no creatures to block Chan was attacked for lethal damage over two turns

David Grant beats Tiago Chan 2 - 1

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