Round 12: Feature Match - Bernd Brendemühl vs. Lino Burgold

Posted in Event Coverage on August 14, 2011

By Tobi Henke

In 2009, these two players met in the final rounds of German Nationals, playing for Top 8. Back then, Burgold won their match and went on to make the National team. Brendemühl was looking for revenge. He brought a mono-red aggro deck, while Burgold entered the fray with a Bant-colored Birthing Pod deck.

Game One

Brendemühl had to take one mulligan, Burgold two. But the card disadvantage was promptly evened out with the help of Brendemühl's Goblin Guide, which revealed Island. Burgold's Llanowar Elves met Incinerate, Birds of Paradise met Burst Lightning.

Brendemühl summoned Grim Lavamancer, which then killed Burgold's Viridian Corrupter. Burgold had to settle for Phyrexian Metamorph, copying Goblin Guide, but Grim Lavamancer killed that as well, and a second Goblin Guide took Burgold to 5. One more Lightning Bolt and another Grim Lavamancer activation ended a very lopsided first game.

Lino Burgold 0 – 1 Bernd Brendemühl

Bernd Brendemühl

Game Two

"Six lands, one Grim Lavamancer ... I'd better mulligan."

"Maybe if there are enough fetchlands ...?" Burgold joked.

Burgold had Llanowar Elves on turn one, Brendemühl had Burst Lightning, then Ember Hauler on turn two, whereas Burgold's next play came on turn three, in the form of Blade Splicer.

Lightning Bolt got rid of Burgold's Golem token and Teetering Peaks pumped Ember Hauler to put Burgold at 16.

"How lucky you killed my Golem! Now, I can cast Viridian Corrupter." Burgold's Corrupter met his fiery demise at the hands of Incinerate.

Archon of Justice prevented further attacks, and even went on the offense himself, as Burgold summoned Emeria Angel and created another flier. Brendemühl killed the Angel with Searing Blaze and made a Manic Vandal. The perfect time for Burgold to cast Wurmcoil Engine, but Brendemühl had another Vandal. Still, it was abundantly clear, that Brendemühl's deck was out of gas by now, and Burgold's fliers finished him off in short order.

"Of course, I draw Manic Vandal after I've wasted Lightning Bolt on the Blade Splicer token," Brendemühl complained.

Bernd Brendemühl 1 – 1 Lino Burgold

Lino Burgold

Game Three

Once again, Brendemühl was forced to mulligan. On the other side of the table, Burgold's opening seven were: Forest, Ponder, triple Viridian Emissary, Lone Missionary, and Obstinate Baloth. He took some time, but in the end decided: "I couldn't forgive myself, if I kept that hand and simply never got the land." He announced his mulligan and peeked at the top card of his library: Island! His six cards were similar. "Now, the Forest turned into Tectonic Edge! I cannot keep this."

Burgold's five had only one Forest and he used it to play Llanowar Elves. Brendemühl who had cast Grim Lavamancer on turn one, immediately killed the Elves with Lightning Bolt.

Burgold had no second land. Brendemühl had Kargan Dragonlord.

Burgold found a land and made Viridian Emissary, but Kargan Dragonlord swung itself up in the air and made the Emissary look rather pointless. Over the next couple of turns, Burgold found another land, and even a fourth, and was able to cast Obstinate Baloth. Nonetheless, Kargan Dragonlord's advance was inexorable.

Bernd Brendemühl 2 – 1 Lino Burgold

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