Round 12 Feature Match: Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz vs. Dan Clegg

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By Andrew Stokinger

Dan Clegg, coming off playing William Jensen last round, sits down and jokes with Dan OMS about his sideboarding in this black red on black red matchup. Clegg has a black/red deck with Shivan Zombie in the sideboard. Dan OMS started complaining about his brother sitting next to him in the feature match area. He complained jokingly that his opponent could figure out cards in his deck form watching his brother's match and then proceeded to pile shuffle his deck face up for the first few cards. Dan OMS's deck was also black/red but with a splash of green for Thunderscape Battlemage and for two cards in his sideboard, Tranquility.

Dan OMS won the roll and chose to play first. Clegg took the opportunity to flip the playmat around so his deck was on his right. "Who knows about that rule?" questioned Dan OMS jokingly. "I want the wind going that way! I'll get you in the 2nd half" The game started off with OMS missing a land drop on turn 3, then drawing a swamp off the top turn 4 and immediately throwing it into play. Then he said "wait," picked the swamp back up, hesitated for a second, then played the swamp again smiling. He then cast Bog Down, joking about paying the kicker and got a land and a Void. Clegg dropped a Blazing Specter on the next turn and attacked, forcing OMS to discard a Void. Clegg proceeded to play Skizzik with kicker, Terminate OMS's blockers and go on to the win.

Both players furiously sideboarded, Clegg being very unsure of exactly what to bring in, eventually bringing in only one of his two Yawgmoth's Agendas, and not bringing in his Shivan Zombies. OMS knows exactly what to bring in and promptly pulls out three Yawgmoth's Agenda and two Agonizing Demises.

Game 2, OMS began by remarking about his match the last round, "Last round I played Blue/White and I had to think. The match was easy though, but Fact or Fiction!"

OMS plays first again dropping a turn two Ravenous Rats and getting an Urza's Rage. Clegg casts Addle black taking Yawgmoth's Agenda over a Ravenous Rat and Bog Down. OMS casts another Ravenous Rat getting another Urza's Rage out of Clegg's Hand. Clegg dropped a Nightscape Familiar on his turn, and then OMS untapped and cast his Bog Down getting a Nightscape Familiar and a Swamp out of Clegg's hand. Clegg cast addle naming red on his turn grabbing the Skizzik out of OMS's hand a turn before he could cast it. A turn later, OMS smiled and laughed, "Teeheeheehee," and dropped a Skizzik with the kicker, which Clegg promptly Terminates. Clegg then draws a Skizzik and drops it with kicker actually hitting OMS, knocking him to 14. OMS drew swung with all three of his 1/1's then cast Ghitu Fire using the card to scoop Clegg's Skizzik into his graveyard. OMS cast a Blazing Specter and attacked with only it, to get nothing from Clegg's empty hand. OMS grabbed a Crypt Angel off the top two turns later while Clegg drew nothing but land and that was the game.

"That's a $500 Angel" remarks Clegg, before both players quietly check their sideboards one more time, seeing if there is anything in there to help them. Clegg brings in his Shivan Zombies, and wishes OMS good luck. "Peel, Dan." "Same."

OMS take a mulligan, then stayed with 6 cards and Clegg playing first. This game starts off with a fury of spells and 187 creatures. Clegg dropped his Shivan Zombie turn 2 and swung with it, and OMS could only Bog Down on his turn. Once he reached 4 land, OMS played Flametongue Kavu, killing the Zombie. Clegg did nothing on his turn, only to Urza's Rage the Kavu when OMS attacked with it. OMS then dropped a Crypt Angel getting back his Kavu from the graveyard. Clegg cast a Flametongue Kavu of his own on his turn killing the angel, which OMS killed on his turn with the Flametongue Kavu he just brought back. Clegg has run out of gas and simply plays a land on his turn. OMS giggled again and cast Skizzik with the kicker and attacking with both. Clegg Terminated his Skizzik but still took 4 going to 16 life. Clegg draws a Blazing Specter off the top and attacks getting a Ghitu Fire out of OMS's hand. OMS untapped, cast a Ravenous Rat to get a swamp from Clegg's hand then cast Flametongue Kavu killing the Blazing Specter and attacked for 4 with the Kavu. Clegg passed the turn and Ghitu Fired on of the Flametongue Kavus during OMS's attack phase. OMS dropped a Yawgmoth's Agenda and complained about one of his Kavus getting killed, to which both his brother and Clegg yelled at him for talking when he's ahead. Clegg drew and scooped his cards.

"I peeled," said OMS.
"I drew like 10 lands and 5 spells, I had Agenda too. The match is stupid", declared Clegg. "It's whoever draws better." The two players revealed their sideboarding to each other and talked about matchups.
"We should have played Pyre Zombie in the side against blue, but there just wasn't room for it," remarked OMS who is now 2-2 on the day.

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