Round 12 Feature Match: Dave Price vs. Steve Jarvis

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By Josh Bennett

Steve Jarvis entered this round one match win away from the Top 8. Incredibly, this plucky resident of Utah qualified for Nationals through the last of the Grinders, a Constructed event where he piloted the same deck he ran today, a blue-white version of the Orb-Opposition deck. The last obstacle he faced before Day 3 was the King of Beatdown himself, Dave Price. Unsurprisingly, the master of the Red Zone was running Fires. There's a chance that a victory for Price would put him in the Top 8.

Price summoned early beats from Llanowar Elves and Yavimaya Barbarian, while Jarvis made an unconventional Rootwater Thief. He followed that up with a Meddling Mage set to intercept Flametongue Kavu, but it was dispatched by a Thornscape Battlemage before it could cause too much havoc.

Jarvis needed to slow Price down, so he made a Static Orb, even though he had no way to break its parity. He drew into Glacial Wall, which further blunted Price's attack. Now only the lowly Barbarian could smash in.

Fortunately for Price, Jarvis was short on answers. He made a Thieving Magpie, but kept it on defense. The Barbarian whittled his life total to five in no time. He had been stuck at four land all this time, and finally drew into the Opposition that would let him take further command of the match. Unfortunately, he was low enough that Price could just burn him out.

Dave Price put on his trademark cold shoulder during sideboarding. Jarvis, who had been visibly nervous during the first game, tried to lighten the mood with road trip stories. Price would have none of it.

He even continued with the Stare of Death, but after playing an Elf and Porting Jarvis it became apparent that he wouldn't need it. Jarvis had stalled on two islands. Price generated a Blastoderm to hasten his demise.

Jarvis had a Counterspell for Price's Barbarian, but with only two land, it wasn't even a moral victory. He soon extended the hand.

Final Result: Dave Price defeats Steve Jarvis 2-0

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