Round 12 Feature Match: Dave Williams vs. Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz

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By Adrian Sullivan

Dan and Dave are good friends both playing the same Wisconsin-designed Black/Red Control. Before the rounds, they both joked that they would have to play each other and one of them would be knocked out of contention for the Top 8.

"Of course it had to happen," frowned Dave Williams.

The first game was all about a flurry of Skizziks from Dave Williams. Dan dropped a small amount of discard at Dave, but Skizzik did its job: it made the typically controllish deck into a savage beatdown. Dan started bringing out answers, Terminating one creature and reducing his life loss with a Familiar, but it was not enough to keep things under control.

The next game started slow. Dave dropped a Nightscape Familiar, and was soon trying to hold off a Skizzik with it. Terminate answered the Skizzik, but Dave didn't have any real action on the table. Trying to mount an offensive, he dropped a Crypt Angel, only to have it Flametongued the following turn.

Dan followed up with another Skizzik, again answered by Dave's removal. Dan played a Crypt Angel of his own, returning the Skizzik to his hand, which again fell prey to Dave's Terminates. All of this pressure was taking its toll on Dave, and in desperation he dropped a Yawgmoth's Agenda, even though he only had three cards in his grave.

Dan came in, soaking up some of Dave's elimination in his graveyard, and in the next turn ended the last of Dave's hopes with his draw: Thunderscape Battlemage.

Using both Kickers, Dan left Dave with no cards in hand, and only a single Nightscape Familiar on the table. They moved on to the next game.

In the next game, Dave came out with a pair of early Blazing Specters, each of which managed to get in one hit on Dan before being cleared out of the way. Dave continued the assault on Dan's hand with a Thunderscape Battlemage with kicker, and then a second Thunderscape Battlemage with kicker. Dan was left with literally no cards in hand, and only a single Nightscape Familiar on the defense.

Dan tried feebly to hold the fort with a pair of Ravenous Rats, but Dave had a lot of options for how to go about grabbing the win. He settled on the easiest: dropping a Crypt Angel and returning a Blazing Specter was enough for Dan to concede the match to Dave.

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