Round 12 Feature Match: John Ormerod (England) vs. Tom Harle (England)

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

by Ben Ronaldson

John was playing a 4 colour green deck with a lot of fat and a heavy second colour being white. Tom was basically u/w splashing for a couple of off colour cards.

Game 1

Things started getting scary quite early as by turn 7 both players have a good compliment of land, and a lot of good creatures litter the board. Tom has a Dream Thrush, a Benalish Heralds, a Fairy Squadron, Benalish Trapper and a 6/6 Vodalian Serpent. John has a Kavu Climber with Strength of Unity on it (although he only has plains and forests in play), a Thornscape Apprentice and a 3/5 Wayfaring Giant.

At this stage John had achieved 'Master Decoy' supremacy and had tapped down Tom's Trapper before his turn so, with Tom on 8, John laid a Might Weaver, tapped the Serpent and attacked with the Giant and the enchanted Kavu. The Dream thrush felt it had to block the Kavu, so Harle took 3 and went down to 5. John then made a Darigaaz Attendant.

Despite now having Master Decoy advantage and the card-drawing Herald, Tom felt nervous about attacking with his Fairie Squadron but did all the same and took John down to 11, making a Glimmering Angel. In Ormerod's next attack phase the Trapper tapped down the Kavu, whilst the Thornscape Apprentice tapped the 6/6 Serpent again and the 3/5 Giant attacked, this time accompanied by the Attendant. All this attacking proved to be irrelevant though as John had an Agonizing Demise which he duly cast to win the game by Sacrificing the Attendant for G/B/R after damage was on the stack. Amusingly, Tom kindly reminded him to pay the kicker cost and hence lost the game although he was going to lose anyway.

Ormerod leads, 1-0

Game 2

This game saw a running commentary from John, which I have not really experienced before. Both players seeming remarkably chatty and constantly guessing what was in each others hands.

Tom asked John to go first, but managed to get three creatures on the board first: a Tidal Visionary, Capashan Unicorn and Tower Drake, but Ormerod cast Harrow on turn 3 and therefore got ahead on land casting a Serpentine Kavu , a 5/7 Wayfaring Giant then a 4/4 first striking Benalish Knight! Harle tried to answer with a Benalish Herald and a Fact or Fiction but there were 4 land and a Glimmering Angel (split as such) so Tom took the angel. Tom was relieved to be able to make the Vodalian Serpent to block those ground creatures though and continued to beat up John with his 2/1 flyer.

Sure enough, the 6/6 scared John off from attacking on the floor and he sat back building up ground creatures until he drew a Thornscape Apprentice. Without revealing this fact yet to Harle, John attacked with everything except his Might Weaver. Sure enough, he lost his 4/4 first-striker to the Serpent but managed to take Tom down to 5 because a bad choice of blockers was made - Tom decided to chump his Dream Thrush on a white creature rather than on a green creature, so the Might Weaver managed to produce extra trample damage than it should have done. Ormerod then lay his Apprentice and tapped the 6/6 in the following turn and succeeds in overrunning for the win.

Ormerod wins, 2-0

Big John goes 12-0!

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