Round 12 Feature Match: Kai Budde vs. Kyle Rose

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By Ben Ronaldson

For all you people out there entering the Fantasy Pro Tour I would hope you gave Kyle Rose some serious thought, under-costed as he was at 16 or something. (Yes, he was on my team.)

Kai was not a happy chappy coming into this round as he was experiencing severe problems on his draft table. "There were three people on the table who decided that red, black and blue cards were the best and each of them just drafted the best cards in any of those colors." This was not great for the German as he had been trying to draft a red/black beatdown deck and was forced to play way too many weak cards to make up his full compliment of cards. (He was splashing green for Darigaaz.)

Both players knew that Rose was the definite favorite in the match and it was very apparent, as when I came to sit down Kai just shook his head and sighed. Rose has a solid green/white deck with splash for red, but the games were so fast I did not get to see a single red card.

Game 1

Kyle won the toss and elected to play first, making a turn two Quirion Elf naming 'white'. Kai responded with a Ravenous Rats and Rose discarded a Wax/Wane. Things then got seriously bad in the next two rounds for the German as a Sunscape Apprentice and a Cloaked up Crimson Acolyte hit the board. With no black removal in hand and no big black creature on the board there was nothing he could do to stop the pro-red creature, and to rub salt in the wound a Serpentine Kavu also received an Armadillo Cloak and they both rode home to victory.

Game 1 to Rose

Game 2

A heart-breaking start for Kai again as his turn two Rogue Kavu was met with a Crimson Acolyte, which was duly Cloaked up again on turn three. Kai seemed to have dealt with this crisis by Demising on turn 4, but a Llanowar Knight which, once again, received a Cloak soon ended any chance for Budde when joined by a Serpentine Kavu. The only large red creature Kai had on the board, a Pouncing Kavu, was forced to join forces with a Shivan Zombie to help trade with the 4/4 Kavu, and the German found nothing for the pro-black Knight the next turn. Rose's combined life totals at the end of both matches was 50.

Final Results: Rose wins 2-0

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