Round 12: Feature Match - Marc Anderson vs Jon Boutin

Posted in Event Coverage on August 20, 2011

By Josh Bennett

With 27 points, Marc Anderson would be in with a draw. The bad news for him was that he was paired down against Jon Boutin, who would make it with a win. They shuffled up and battled for their spot in the Top 8.

Both kept, and they were off. Anderson led with Raging Ravine and indulged in a Japanese face-slap. Nearby, Noah Long asked Anderson to give him similar focus, and Anderson obliged. Meanwhile Boutin had Preordained, keeping both.

Anderson followed up with Lotus Cobra, and Boutin kept his two mana open in case of a dangerous turn. Anderson hit for two, played island and passed. At end of turn, Boutin spent four life to Dismember the Cobra. He untapped, played a Nexus and passed. Anderson dropped Deceiver Exarch at end of turn. Boutin Mana Leaked it.

Anderson untapped and tapped four for Birthing Pod. It resolved. Boutin untapped and considered things. "Four cards?" asked Anderson. "Yes, and they're all crazy," replied Boutin, "bordering on offensive how good they are." Anderson fetched a fifth land, animated his Raging Ravine and hit for four. Boutin fell to ten. He sent the Pod home with a kicked Into the Roil.

Boutin Preordained and agonized over the decision, eventually sending both cards on their way. He tapped two more for Squadron Hawk, getting two more, and played a fifth land. Anderson played a sixth land and spent two life on Birthing Pod to play around Mana Leak. It resolved. Boutin hit, played a second Hawk, and passed. Anderson tried another end-of-turn Exarch, but it was Mana Leaked.

Anderson thoguht for a minute, then spent four on Phyrexian Metamorph. It resolved and he quickly Podded it into Deceiver Exarch, untapping an island for Preordain. He kept one, and spent his last mana on Birds of Paradise. Boutin hit for two and tapped out for Consecrated Sphinx. "Show me the Splinter Twin," said Boutin. Anderson obliged, taking the game.

Anderson 1 - Boutin 0

Boutin scowled at his opening seven. He peeked at the top three cards of his deck. "Was it getting there? Of course it was. Like always." He shuffled up and dealt six, then sighed. "Not cool, Zeus." He kept. After island, Ponder from Anderson, he played a Squadron Hawk and searched out all its friends.

Anderson played Lotus Cobra and passed. Boutin played his third land and held back. Anderson played his third and passed back. Boutin hit for one and played a second Hawk, leaving Mana Leak up. Anderson played Scalding Tarn, adding a mana, then tapped two more for a discounted Birthing Pod, the Tarn and Cobra providing insurance against Mana Leak. After it resolved, he fetched island with the Tarn, and Podded his Lotus Cobra into Deceiver Exarch, targetting the Birthing Pod. In response, Boutin cast Divine Offering, clearing it off the table.

Jon Boutin

Boutin swung with his two Hawks and an animated Inkmoth Nexus, learing two mana open. Anderson hit for one with his Deceiver Exarch. Post-Combat he tried a Birthing Pod, countered by Mana Leak.

"You ready for the safest play you've ever seen?"

Boutin tapped four for day of Judgment. Anderson bounced back with Frost Titan, locking down Seachrome Coast. Boutin played a plains and passed, taking six from the Titan, who locked down his Inkmoth Nexus. Anderson added Lotus Cobra and passed. Boutin played a Hawk, and took another eight for his trouble, falling to nine. Finally he was forced to Day of Judgment, unable to squeeze any extra value out of Anderson.

It looked like Anderson was out of gas when he made no further play post-Wrath. Boutin played a Hawk and got in for a poison. Still Anderson had nothing. Boutin continued to poison him in the air. Anderson played Spellskite, then a turn later Solemn [autocard]Simulacrum[/autocard], and Boutin continued to fly over. The poison was adding up, he was already at six.

Anderson dropped Deceiver Exarch at end of turn, and went for the Splinter Twin, but Boutin had Flashfreeze. Still, the Exarch and Simulacrum were attacking, and Boutin was down to six life. He flew over for the seventh poison, then took another three down to three life. He slowly peeled the top card, then quickly flipped it onto the table: Sword of Feast and Famine. He animated his Nexus, then equipped, and both resolved. He flew over, and the game was his.

Anderson 1 - Boutin 1

Both players kept for the deciding game. Anderson led out with Raging Ravine. Boutin Preordained, keeping one. Anderson fetched out an island and cast Ponder. He chose not to shuffle. Boutin played Inkmoth Nexus and passed. Anderson played his third land and went for the discounted Birthing Pod. Boutin let it resolve.

Marc Anderson

Boutin untapped and played a plains, passing the turn. Anderson played his fourth land and passed. Boutin's Divine Offering took care of the Birthing Pod. He played a Celestial Colonnade and passed it back. Anderson fetched a land, untapped, and tried a second Birthing Pod. Boutin tapped two for Flashfreeze. He played a Sword of Feast and Famine and a fifth land. With Inkmoth Nexus in play, Anderson was in trouble.

He fetched up a sixth land and summoned Obstinate Baloth. Boutin equipped his Inkmoth and swung in. Anderson showed him Nature's Claim. Boutin Preordained and put both on top. Obstinate Baloth hit for four, and Anderson passed. Boutin tapped six for Sun Titan, getting back his Sword. It was bad news when Anderson tapped mana at the end of his turn. Down came the Exarch, and then the Splinter Twin, backed by Dispel for Boutin's Dismember.

Marc Anderson defeats Jon Boutin 2-1

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