Round 12 Feature Match: Marcus Angelin (Sweden) vs. Markus Jobstl (Austria)

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Kim Eikefet

With only two rounds left to go of the tournament, Marcus Angelin from Sweden and Markus Jobstl from Austria faced each other at the feature match table to fight for a spot in the top 8. Both of them were at 28 points, and the winner would be safe while the loser would have to play one more grueling round in order to try and reach the final playoff.

Game 1

Angelin won the die roll and chose to play. His opening hand consisted of some lands, a Scorching Lava, a Caldera Kavu, a Fertile Ground and a Mire Kavu, and he kept it. Jobstl kept his hand, too. He had drawn two plains, an Irrigation Ditch, an island, a Shackles, a Stormscape Apprentice and a Benalish Heralds.

Jobstl got out the first creature. He played a turn one Stormscape Apprentice. Angelin on the other hand speeded up his mana by casting a second turn Fertile Ground. He then got out a fourth turn Mire Kavu. The Mire Kavu was kept at bay by the tapping Apprentice, but Angelin had more creatures. He played a Caldera Kavu and a Rogue Kavu, and although the Caldera Kavu was Hobbled, he still got through three damage by attacking with the Rogue Kavu.

Angelin then cast a Lava Zombie and returned the Hobbled Kavu to his hand, suddenly getting two more creatures to work with. Jobstl managed to shut down the Mire Kavu by Shackling it though, but the other Kavus continued hitting him every turn.

The Swede then played a Phyrexian Reaper, but Jobstl got out a Benalish Heralds that could block. Jobstl used it to block the Caldera Kavu, but then Angelin Scorching Lavaed the tapper and so he still had a lot of creatures to work with.

In a last attempt to survive, Jobstl played a Samite Pilgrim and a Razorfoot Griffin, but a Sinister Strength on the Phyrexian Reaper made it really dangerous and the following attack took Jobstl down to four measly life. He removed the Shackles from the Mire Kavu, but thinking it over, he decided to scoop instead of playing it out to the bitter end.

Angelin 1 - Jobstl 0

Game 2

The Austrian chose to play first in the second game, but he kept a hand with six lands and a Samite Pilgrim. He cast the Pilgrim on turn two, but after that he didn't do anything but playing lands for the following four turns. Meanwhile, Angelin's opening hand held to lands, a Quirion Elves, a Maggot Carrier, a Lava Zombie, a Plague Spores and a Serpentine Kavu. The Swede got out a turn two Elves and then he cast a turn three Volcanic Imp, starting the assault.

During his next turn, he played the Maggot Carrier so that he could cast the Lava Zombie and bounce it back. The Zombie and the Imp attacked the following turn, bringing Jobstl down to eleven, and Angelin added a Treva's Attendant to his horde of creatures.

Then finally, Jobstl got a creature into play, a huge one, too. He dropped a Vodalian Serpent with kicker, but Angelin still had his Plague Spores. The Spores took out the Serpent and Jobstl's only Swamp, and the following attack brought the Austrian down to two life only. Jobstl drew a card. He played a swamp. He cast Shackles on the imp. Then he passed priority.

Angelin was fairly certain that he'd win. He played a Serpentine Kavu with one red open, and when Jobstl failed to counter it, he activated the haste ability and attacked with all his creatures. Holding a Pollen Remedy, Jobstl thought about it for a while, but he soon scooped.

Final Result: Angelin 2 - Jobstl 0

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