Round 12 Feature Match: Masahiko Morita vs. Tsukamoto Toshiki

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By Wizards of the Coast

by James White

-->This being the final round of swiss before the field cut to Top 8, Morita needed to win to make Top 8 and Toshiki possibly making Top 8 even with a loss. Toshiki, the two time Japanese National Champion, is playing a slow green/white deck with a touch of blue, and Morita is playing mainly green/white but has a splash of all three other colors.

Toshiki gets to start and plays 3rd turn Pincer Spider, 4th turn Glimmering Angel and 5th turn Glimmering Angel. Morita's opening hand contained three Quirion Trailblazers and three lands, so he wasn't going to have any issues with mana this game. Morita mirrored Toshiki's first three turns of Forest, Forest, Plains, Pincer Spider, which caused a nine turn stale mate as Toshiki's angels were halted by the 2/3 spider.

Morita played two Trailblazers, a Voracious Cobra and a Stalking Assassin, which could have controlled the board if not for the Shackles it received. The Cobra was able to attack four times taking Toshiki to 12 until the finally a game breaker was found. Toshiki cast Breath of Darigaaz with kicker, but had also cast a Crimson Acolyte the turn before, allowing him to protect all of his ground creatures and clear Morita out. Morita did respond by casting Repulse on his Stalking Assassin, which Toshiki responded to by returning his Shackles to his hand. A Kavu Titan with kicker had also been cast with the Acolyte, so Morita was looking like he was in trouble.

Surprisingly, Morita was able to stem the attack with another Pincer Spider, this time with kicker and the Stalking Assassin. Toshiki was still applying the pressure and had Morita on one life on turn fourteen, but a well timed Reviving Vapors (getting Kavu Climber and gaining him five life) and blocking with Stalking Assassin then activating its ability to kill the Kavu Titan, prevented him from dying. He cast the Climber next turn, drawing into Treva and having exactly the right amount of mana to cast the mighty dragon legend.

A Benalish Lancer next turn is Prohibited (with kicker) and Treva was then shackled. Toshiki still had more, casting Kavu Chameleon and Prison Barricade with kicker on consecutive turns. Another Reviving Vapors gained Morita 3 life for the Exotic Curse he got from, which he then used to send the Chameleon on it's way.

The match swung back into Morita's favor as Toshiki could not break through the huge defense of Treva, kicked Pincer Spider and two Kavu Climbers. When Morita played the third of his Quirion Trailblazers on turn seventeen he sees that the only cards that remain in his deck are six land. Fortunately for him he now has enough offense to finish Toshiki off with one all out attack. The first game is won by Morita with 5.30 left in the round.

The second game of course goes to time and Morita takes his one-nil victory to proceed to the Top 8.

Final Result: 1-0 Masahiko Morita

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