Round 12 Feature Match: Raphaël Lévy vs. Albert Alshamn

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Sideboard Staff

The Frenchman had drafted a strong green/white/red splash blue (for Hippo and maybe something else) monstrosity, while his opponent had what appeared to be a fairly solid u/w/b deck.

Game 1

All kinds of lands hit the table at the beginning of this game: two forests, an Irrigation Ditch and a Tinder Farm on Lévy's side, whilst Albert had two plains, a swamp and a Terminal Moraine. Neither player got off to a flying start as all Raphaël could lay before turn four was a Thornscape Apprentice. He then made a Mirrorwood Treefolk which was going to cause the u/w/b player a fair bit of trouble until he drew a Hobble, but the ground was locked up severely as a result. Each player had a flyer at this stage: Lévy had an Angel of Mercy whilst Alshamn had a Razorfoot Griffin, and both had one Tapper which were busy locking each other down.

Fed up with the Razorfoot, Lévy waited for enough mana to hold back some tricks he had and Flametongued the flyer, whilst continuing to serve with the Angel. With only 4 life left Albert found a couple of good answers to the problems as he Recoiled Raph's Apprentice at the end of the Frenchman's turn and then made a Crypt Angel - returning nothing - which could block the Angel of Mercy. Things went terribly wrong for him though as in the Swede's attack phase (after the Mirrorwood Treefolk had been tapped), Lévy cast a Gerrard's Command on the Tree and blocked a Sea Snidd, sacrificing the Tinder Farm to give him red mana to redirect the damage to the Crypt Angel. This gave the Angel of Mercy free reign to roll back through and the game was conceded.

Raphaël seemed very pleased with himself for being so patient with his spells - he had a fistful of creatures he could have cast in the previous turns, but he was biding his time to use the Command when it really mattered.

Game 2

Ah - the broken draw. Not much more satisfying for a green/white player than attacking with a turn three Armadillo Cloaked Llanowar Knight. Well - think again. How about following that up with a turn four Mirrorwood Treefolk, then a turn five Questing Phelddagrif with white mana open! Well, to be fair the Tree was Prohibited (with kicker), but a Stormscape Apprentice was found way too late in the game with a Reviving Vapours, and rather than face the humiliation of being beaten to death with two obscenely huge fatties, leaving his opponent on 40 life the Swede graciously swept and shook hands.

This match saw Raphaël into the Top 8.

Final Result: Lévy wins 2 - 0

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