Round 12 Feature Match: Raphaël Lévy vs. Kai Budde

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By Friedrich Rademacher

Game 1

Lévy cast an early Vodalian Zombie and a Stormscape Apprentice. Kai played an Urborg Shambler, thereby making the Zombie get smaller, down to 1/1. Lévy played Recoil on the Shambler probably intending to play a Probe with kicker during his next turn. After Kai had played a Sisay's Ingenuity both players laughed about how bad the card was. Lévy ended up doing as expected and played a Probe with kicker during his fifth turn. Kai discarded a Phyrexian Reaper and a Phyrexian Slayer due to the Probe. On his turn Kai used Sisay's Ingenuity to change the color of the Apprentice to black, so that it could die due to Urborg Shambler's ability. It seemed that Sisay's Ingenuity did something useful other then drawing a card. The Probe didn't seem to help the Frenchman as he just called turn without having cast anything. Kai got his earlier discarded Reaper with his recently cast Lord of the Undead. Kai continued on pounding at Raphaël leaving him at eight life.

The Frenchman played a Vodalian Serpent with kicker but it still didn't help against Sisay's Ingenuity, which was changing colors of Lévy's permanents, thereby gaining an enormous advantage.

Game 2

Looking at Kai's hand it didn't not look that bad, on the contrary, it looked very good.

Lévy started attacking with his Vodalian Zombie and casted an Urborg Phantom that would die next turn to the Shambler. The Frenchmen realizes this when Kai discards his Familiar to Ravenous Rats. He then cast Urborg Shambler, as Lévy feared and cleaned the table. Raphaël, who is stuck at three lands laughed about the situation and tried to do the best he could. He then took the top card of Budde's deck and conceded.

Kai Budde - Raphaël Lévy, 2-0

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