Round 12 Feature Match: Ryan Fuller vs. Brian Selden

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By Warren Marsh

At the beginning of this round, Ryan was 11 wins and 0 losses being paired down to Brian on 9-2, Ryan needs this to match Kyle Rose's record, he's already made Top 8 and now just wants to beat that twelve win marker.

Brian started off the game after a mulligan, making a Meddling Mage turn 2 naming Thornscape Familiar. This got to attack, then was later joined by a Crimson Acolyte on turn 4 to shield the little wizard from burn and Flametongue Kavu. Ryan then came back with a Raging Kavu at the end of turn and a Thornscape Battlemage, killing the Acolyte and letting the Rager through. A protection from red Voice of All was then deployed to hold off the Rager, but the Thornscape Battlemage presses on. Ryan makes another 187 play with Flametongue Kavu on the Meddling Mage. The next turn, Skizzik headed the attack while Brian cast Fact or Fiction. His life was low, so Ghitu Fire finishes him.

Ryan 1 Brian 0

In this game, nothing was played by either player until Brian's turn 4 Voice, naming green. This was Urza's Raged, at the end of turn. Ryan drew then made a Raging Kavu attacking for 3. Meddling Mage was then cast naming Kavu Titan. The following turn a Voice hit the table, (pro red) and fell to a Thornscape Battlemage. Brian made a Galina's Knight and protected it with an Absorb.

Brian, determined to play the offensive role here still attacked, filling the defensive hole with another Voice of All (pro red). A Kavu Titan gets kicked and a Barbarian enters the fray. But still Brian's came in. The life totals now are Ryan 12 and Brian 10. Ryan's next turn was strong making Raging Kavu and a Kickered Skizzik ending the game.

Final Result: Ryan 2 - Brian 0

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