Round 12 Feature Match: Trey van Cleave vs. Ryan Fuller

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By Mark Wraith

Before the start of the game Trey was complaining about how he had been screwed out in the draft by Antoine, so who knew what colors he liked to play then?

Game 1

Trey van Cleave

Trey thought for a long time about his opening draw going second in the first game, and decided to keep a one-land hand. Without drawing another one by his second turn he had to discard, and meanwhile Ryan had summoned a Rogue Kavu and cast Armadillo Cloak on it on his third turn.

The super-sized Kavu hit Trey, and although he immediately found a second and third land, his Firebrand Ranger and Caldera Kavu were certainly not enough to deal with it, as Fuller had a Samite Pilgrim as well.

With Tribal Flames in hand, Ryan attacked with the Rogue Kavu again, and cast Aggressive Urge to get Trey down to four. After Ryan cast Thornscape Apprentice as well, van Cleave realized there was no way he could survive Ryan's next turn, and scooped.

Game 2

After referring to his furry pig for luck, Trey chose to go first and both players kept their hands. He started off pretty fast as well, with Thunderscape Familiar, and Kavu Aggressor. Ryan hadn't done anything by his third turn, and so van Cleave brought him down to sixteen with the two red creatures.

He then played Phyrexian Slayer and looked like he had a good board position, even though Fuller managed to bring out Mirrorwood Treefolk to block the ground creatures. Trey played Lava Zombie and replayed the Thunderscape Familiar.

Fuller cast Pouncing Kavu. "Is he swinging?" asked Trey. "No". "Oh he's just chilling, then?" Fuller needed to hold him back as a blocker for the Lava Zombie, and after sending over the Phyrexian Slayer and casting Hooded Kavu, he began the trash talk - bringing his pig on to the table and taunting the Pouncing Kavu to attack with it.

Despite this, Fuller was far from finished, as he removed the Slayer with Tribal Flames and played Power Armor. He also had Nemata, Grove Guardian and Questing Phelddagrif, but he had to discard these to Trey's Hypnotic Cloud with kicker, and Trey was certainly in trash talking mode, swinging in with the Hooded Kavu every turn and deriding everything Fuller cast, since it could not block his Kavu.

Ryan Fuller

After a few turns of attacks with the Hooded Kavu, Ryan was forced to concede as he could not draw a removal spell for it - and the top card of his library was the Tribal Flames. It almost certainly could not have helped him since Trey had by then drawn a Recover for his Phyrexian Slayer or Kavu if it died.

Game 3

Ryan started off quite quickly in this duel, first turn Thunderscape Apprentice and second turn Rage Weaver. Van Cleave had a blocker with Rogue Kavu, but it couldn't kill a Rage Weaver because of the Apprentices +1/+1 ability.

Ryan thought for a while, which prompted Trey to ask him to play a little faster. There was no real reason for him to play slowly since a draw wouldn't be that good for either of them.

In the end he decided to Tribal Flames the Rogue Kavu and attack with both creatures. After Trey played a Thunderscape Familiar Ryan attacked with the Weaver and pumped it up, bringing the Dane to thirteen, and Fuller summoned Mirrorwood Treefolk.

Trey decided to sacrifice his Sulfur Vent to pay the kicker on his Thunderscape Battlemage, to rid Ryan of his only card in hand, a Tribal Flames, but Ryan still wasn't out of threats.

Drawing a Horned Kavu from the top he used his Apprentice to pump his Rage Weaver, activated the Weaver to give Horned Kavu haste, and attacked with everyone. Trey traded his Battlemage for the Rage Weaver, but still went down to eight.

He played a Mire Kavu on his next turn, but couldn't block the Mirrorwood Treefolk because of its ability, and took another two. Trey had to double block the Hooded Kavu on his next turn, but still took two from the Treefolk and went down to four.

He only had land in his hand, however, and had to concede next turn.

Final Result: Ryan Fuller defeats Trey van Cleave 2 - 1

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