Round 12: Jake Hart vs. Ben Fleming

Posted in Event Coverage on October 5, 2003

By Andrew Plinston

Jake Hart drafted an aggressive Green Red deck, it hosted a lot of artifact removal, a Grab the Reins and an Electrostatic Bolt as well as a lot of solid creatures including a monster Plated Slagwurm. Ben Fleming also had Red cards but mixed them with Blue.

Game One

Krark-Clan Grunt
Jake won the roll but had to wait for Ben to take his mulligan, Ben kept his second hand which had 2 spellbombs, but only one land. Both Jake and Ben cycled their spellbombs and on turn 3 Ben played a Krark-Clan Grunt, Jake had a blocker with his bottle gnomes. The Bottle Gnomes got sent to the graveyard when Ben sacrificed his Pyrite Spellbomb to give his grunt first strike. Giving Jake 3 life. Ben added to his team with a Goblin Replica. Jake played out a Vulshok Berserker and swung in for three damage. Ben attacked back for four damage and played out an unimpressive Slith Strider. Jake sent his Berserker back into the red zone and played a Tel-Jilad Archers which held back Ben's army.

Ben could only play out an Aether Spellbomb and a Alpha Myr and passed the turn. Jake's land drop for the turn was a Stalking Stones, Jake shattered Ben's goblin and played a Serum Tank. Ben didn't want Jake to be the only one drawing extra cards and sent his Slith into Jake's Archers. Ben drew a land, which was what he was after so he could play out his Myr Enforcer.

Jake just draws a card from his tank, attacked and passed back the turn. Ben still not happy to draw only one card a turn played a Thoughtcast, drew a scimitar and attempted to put it on his grunt. Jake killed off the grunt with an Electrostatic Bolt, Ben saved it by sacrificing his Aether Spellbomb to return it to his hand.

Leaving all of his mana open Jake passed back the turn back to Ben. Ben played out his second Myr Enforcer which now only costs him three mana. Ben attacked with both his Alpha Myr and his Myr Enforcer with a Scimitar. Jake showed why he didn't play anything on his turn and played a Neddlebug at instant speed, killing the Alpha Myr. On Jake's Turn, Jake destroyed the Myr Enforcer with his Viridian Shaman and sent his army in.

Seeing that there was lethal damage on the table next turn, Ben looked at his next card then scooped.

Jake leads 1-0

Game Two

Ben started off the game with a Pyrite Spellbomb, next turn following it up with an Alpha Myr. Jake shattered Ben's Spellbomb. Both players put down Klark-Clan Grunts on each of their turns.

Ben played a Leonin Scimitar which lets him play his Thoughtcast for only three mana. Ben attacked and traded his Grunt for Jake's, and doing two damage.

Jake ripped a land off the top of his deck and passed the turn with 4 mana untapped. Before attacking Ben played a Myr Enforcer before he attacked. Jake again had the Neddlebug to kill the Alpha Myr.

Predator's Strike
Jake played out his Serum Tank and Ben had a second Myr Enforcer and equipped it. The next turn Ben put both of his Myrs into the red zone, only to have one die to a Predator's Striked Needlebug. Jake added to his team with a Krark-Clan Grunt and a Bottle Gnomes and Ben added an Atog and a Slith Strider. Jake having run out of counters on his Serum Tank only had a play of a Tel-Jilad Archers.

Ben decided it was time to attack, and gets through with his Atog but his Slith gets blocked and killed.

Ben drew a Lumenguard Warden and equipped it with his Scimitar.

Jakes answer to that was a Plated Slagwurm. Ben wasn't afraid and played a Silver Myr and an Aether Spellbomb which gave Jake's tank some more counters.

Jake got rid of the Atog with a Grab the Reins and threw it at the Silver Myr. Without enough power on the board to kill the Plated Slagwurm Ben didn't block and took eight.

Ben peeled another creature and played out his Goblin Replica, this time blocking with all his men to trade his Myr Enforcer and a Lumingrid Warder for the 8/8 Wurm. Ben had another blocker with a Cobalt Golem but Jake had the Electrostatic Bolt and was able to attack for the win.

Jake Defeated Ben 2-0

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