Round 12: Jon Finkel vs. Derek Bruneau

Posted in Event Coverage on January 18, 2003

By Victor van den Broek

Ahhh ... it's back to the old days. Johnny Magic, back at the top tables to battle it out for top 8. One more win and a good pairing equal a chance to draw in the top 8.

Game 1

Bruneau started with an Imagecrafter and a Shock for Finkel's second turn Sparksmith. Finkel followed it up with an Elvish Warrior and a Wall of Mulch. The Wall provided him with a good answer to Bruneau's morph – or so Finkel thought. On his turn, Bruneau flipped over the Ascending Aven and started serving it up in the sky. Finkel sacrificed his wall and played a morph. Bruneau got a Sparksmith of his own though ... and cycled a Chocking Tethers to tap down Finkel's morph. It didn't stop the Elvish Warrior from attacking though, bringing him down to 14. Bruneau's Sparksmith died to a cycled Solar Blast. Riptide Shapeshifter was Bruneau's next answer to Finkel's creatures. It blocked the Elvish Warrior, but died to a cycled Primal Boost on the Warrior. Finkel's morph turned out to be a Skirk Commando, and it took down the Ascending Aven. Bruneau just lost his flier and Shapeshifter and it didn't cost Finkel a single card. A Pinpoint Avalanche targets Bruneau's next Shapeshifter. Finkel's creatures came in once again, bringing Bruneau down to 8.

Bruneau cycled a Choking Tethers, in search for an answer to creatures but failed to find one. Finkel summoned a Krosan Groundshaker to finish off the situation and brings Bruneau down to 4. In a last-ditch effort Bruneau cast Blatant Thievery on the Groundshaker. Finkel just made an Elven Riders and Elvish Courier to finish it off.

Finkel 1 – Bruneau 0

Game 2

Bruneau opened with a turn 2 Sparksmith and a morph on turn 3. Because there was no second goblin just yet, Finkel too played a morph. Bruneau played his fourth Mountain and due to a lack of blue mana was unable to do anything at all. Finkel played Solar Blast on Bruneau's Smith after Bruneau found his Island next turn and played a Mistform Dreamer. The Dreamer blocked Finkel's attacking morph and Finkel cycled his Primal Boost on the morph. A Wellwisher joined Finkel's side of the board while Bruneau only has an extra Mountain. He cycled his Choking Tethers on Finkel's morph to dig for the second Island and found it. After that he played his Riptide Shapeshifter, but that too got Solar Blasted. The two morphs clashed in combat next turn. After damage was on the stack, Finkel Vitality Charmed his morph. Bruneau spent yet another turn without playing anything.

The Krosan Groundshaker hit the board again, without a big risk of being stolen as Bruneau was still stuck on 2 Islands. The creatures beat down, bringing Bruneau down to 8 life. Forced to do something, Imagecrafter and Goblin Sharpshooter came down on his turn. The wizard blocked the Wellwisher and the Sharpshooter chumped the morph – bringing Bruneau down to 2. His next draw step didn't provide an answer. Bruneau did have the Blatant Thievery – had he drawn his 3rd Island.

Final Result: Finkel 2 – Bruneau 0

PT Chicago, Draft Four Decklist: G/R

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PT Chicago, Draft Four Decklist: U/R

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