Round 12: Ken’ichi Fujita vs. Kenji Tsumura

Posted in Event Coverage on June 21, 2003

By Toby Wachter

Ken’ichi Fujita is a true veteran, and has been playing since the beginning of Japanese Magic. He has two Grand Prix victories under his belt (including winning the first Grand Prix in Japan), and has been on the Japanese National team once before. The winner of this round has a good chance to make Top 8, and Fujita’s opponent Kenji Tsumura is no stranger to pressure- he’s played in two Pro Tours.

Game 1

Fujita played a turn two Nantuko Shade, and did nothing but attack and pump it for as much as possible for the next few turns. Tsumura had Compulsion, and Moment’s Peace slowed things down. Fujita added Undead Gladiator to his side, so Tsumura cast Wrath of God to clear the board. Fujita used Undead Gladiator to cycle through two Smothers, then put it right back into play. After a few attacks Corrupt could have finished the game, but Tsumura cast Cunning Wish in response, getting Circular Logic to counter it. Because he only had two blue mana sources, he couldn’t put the Logic through Compulsion to draw an extra card. A few turns later, thanks to the power of Cabal Coffers, Fujita confidently played two Corrupts in one turn to take the first game.

Fujita- 1 Tsumura- 0

Game 2

Fujita’s first turn Duress revealed two Mirari’s Wake, Wrath of God, Cunning Wish and Mirari- Fujita sent the Wish to the graveyard. Nantuko Shade came out turn two, and Cabal Therapy got rid of the Wrath of God in Tsumura’s hand. Withered Wretch followed, and was immediately sacrificed to flash back the Therapy, getting rid of both Mirari’s Wakes. Tsumura tapped out for Mirari, and Fujita attacked for six damage with Nantuko Shade. Tsumura played Compulsion, and went digging for an answer. He found it in Wrath of God, but not before taking another seven damage from the Shade. After casting the Wrath, Tsumura was tapped out. Fujita slammed on his deck, obviously looking for a sixth land to cast Corrupt and finish it. He didn’t find it, so he simply summoned Undead Gladiator. A few turns later, Corrupt finished the job when Fujita knew it would resolve.

Fujita- 2 Tsumura- 0

Ken'ichi Fujita

Download Arena Decklist

Kenji Tsumura

Download Arena Decklist
Sorcery (8)
4 Deep Analysis 4 Wrath of God
Artifact (2)
2 Mirari
Enchantment (6)
4 Compulsion 2 Mirari's Wake
60 Cards

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