Round 12: Kyle Rose vs. Kurtis Hahn

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Randy Buehler

Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn is the father of Five-color Magic. Those wacky 250-card minimum Type 1 decks that you've seen people playing for cut-ante? He invented that format. He was also the highest ranked 1700-flag player in the field as he sat down to play Kyle Rose in a round 12 feature match. In fact, he's in contention for the big money, drafting at table 1, playing against the Pro Tour London champion, and risking losing his reputation as the king of casual players. He seemed comfortable in his first ever feature match though and an entire van-load of Midwestern magic players was cheering him on, content to stay in Boston as long as he kept winning.

Kyle Rose led with Galina's Knight in game 1 which seemed pretty good against the Fat Man's red/green deck, but a pair of Amphibious Kavus allowed Hahn to keep serving (it gets +3/+3 whenever it blocks or is blocked by blue or black creatures). Voice of All came out set to green and the game slowed down while Hahn tried to draw the white mana he needed to power his two tappers (a Trapper and a green Apprentice). The Voice got into a fight with Thunderscape Familiar and when Hahn went to enhance his Familiar with Aggressive Urge, Rose responded with Rushing River (with kicker), bouncing the Familiar and his own Hunting Drake. On his next turn, Hahn replayed Amphibious Kavu (which had been hunted by the Drake) and put the Armadillo Cloak he'd been saving onto his first striking Familiar. You have to give him credit for having the patience to play around Rushing River very nicely. The only problem was that Rose drew a second one and Hahn only got in one hit with his Cloaked animal. Two turns later, Rose played Wash Out "green" and the players were on to game 2.

Hahn went for it early (and often!) in game 2. He played turn 3 Amphibious Kavu, turn 4 Armadillo Cloak and crossed his fingers. Rose had to spend a turn playing Opt in order to find his third land and thus the Kavu got in two licks, but then it was Repulsed. Hahn promptly untapped and added Halam Djinn to his army. The Djinn was on "low tide," but it plus Yavimaya Barbarian cut Rose's life total in half (12 became 6 in a hurry). Rose left back Galina's Knight to deal with the Djinn, put Shackles on the Barbarian, and summoned Stormscape Familiar. Hahn untapped and slammed Armadillo Cloak #2 on the Djinn to the gasps of the gathered crowd. "I smash" he announced as he dropped Rose to one (Rose was lucky he had that Familiar untapped). Rose had the answer once again - Hunting Drake was greeted with applause from Hahn, who mostly just seemed happy to be gaming. Ruham Djinn came out to play with Kurt's team and Rose was in chump block mode. Rose played Repulse to buy more time and then on his next turn played Rushing River (his fourth bounce spell of the game), served for 7, and dropped Kangee. Hahn untapped, drew a card, and scooped. Wow - what a game!

Rose 2 (now 10-1-1)
Hahn 0 (now 9-2-1)

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