Round 12: Michael Gurney vs. Sam Lount

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By Toby Wachter

The winner of this match would most likely make Top 8. Gurney is playing a blue/white/black control deck, whole Lount is running the ever popular Fires. Top 8 of Canadian Nationals is no strange territory for Gurney, who found himself there last year. With a match win here, he will earn another shot at making the Canadian National team.

Game 1

Lount won the die roll, and chose to play first. He opened with a first turn Llanowar Elf, and attacked with it on the following turn. Birds of Paradise was summoned as well, and Sam would have access to five mana on turn three unless he missed a land drop. Meanwhile, Gurney played Salt Marsh and an island. Lount played his third land and tapped all his mana sources for a Spiritmonger, which was Counterspelled. A Fires of Yavimaya was cast on the following turn, and it resolved. Gurney then played Wrath of God, destroying the Bird and Elf, leaving Lount with three lands as mana sources.

However, Lount untapped and took full advantage of Gurney being tapped out by summoning a Blastoderm, which attacked right away for five points of damage. Gurney played a Tsabo's Web to dig further into his deck and nullify future Rishadan Ports, and then he tapped out to Vindicate a forest. This left Lount with only three lands in play. He drew another land, and played Thornscape Battlemage with red kicker, dealing two points of damage to Gurney. Both creatures then attacked, dealing seven more damage. At this point, Gurney used Rout to clear the board, but Lount was able to finish the job with Ghitu Fire.

Gurney- 0 Lount- 1

Game 2

Gurney got to go first this time, and started off with a double mulligan. Lount had a quick opening with Birds of Paradise, and Gurney was feeling the effects of going down to five as he missed his second land drop. Thornscape Battlemage was played without kicker, and Gurney found a second land. Thunderscape Battlemage was cast without kicker on the following turn, and Lount missed his third land drop. At this point, Lount's Fires deck had become Turbo-Gray Ogre. Both players were stuck at three mana sources, while the Battlemages attacked for four damage each turn. Gurney used the life gain effect of Dromar's Charm, but Lount responded with Blood Oath to deal lethal damage before the Charm could resolve.

Final Result: Gurney- 0 Lount- 2

Michael Gurney

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Sam Lount

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