Round 12: Peter Szigeti vs. Jeff Fung

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Aaron Forsythe

These two bad boys were once members of the Magic Colony, and they are both poised to make the Top 8 going into the round. I expect a fast and furious game as both are playing green/red (Szigeti is splashing black), and these two have played each other enough time to alleviate the need for mind games. Banter, however, will be plentiful. Szigeti is a little worried, claiming that his deck isn't very good. (You can read about his draft here.

Szigeti won the roll, and after debating if the position of the playmat was important, chose to play first.

As the action unfolded, Fung's Mad Dog was dispatched by a Szigeti Firebolt. Szigeti summoned a Nantuko Disciple, but then Fung hid his Forest under a Petravark, a play that would really cost Szigeti some tempo. After a few beats, Szigeti eventually drew another Forest and kept the Disciple back on defense. Fung attacked, and Szigeti blocked. Instead of putting damage on the stack, Szigeti activated the Disciple at random, and Fung Muscle Bursted. But it really didn't matter; Szigeti's draw was awful, and he fell quickly to the Petravark, Patchwork Gnomes, and a Pardic Arsonist.

Szigeti, while scooping: "This is disgusting."

Fung 1 – Szigeti 0

Szigeti started out with a Rites of Spring for 3, and then summoned a Barbarian Lunatic. Fung started counting his hand on his third turn, and Szigeti started chanting, "Miss it, miss it, miss it!" hoping for Fung to miss his land drop.

Fung: "I'm going to miss it."

The discard (and the chanting) kept up for two more turns, and Szigeti kept attacking with the Lunatic and some Acorn Harvest tokens. Eventually Fung drew a Mountain.

Szigeti: "How lucky! You're luckier than a European!"

Fung tried to play a few cards, but Szigeti had things like Ghastly Demise, Firebolt, and Sickening Dreams, and the game was quickly over.

Fung 1 – Szigeti 1

Szigeti: "You know, if you go second you have a better chance of drawing land."
Fung: "Does your mouth ever shut?"

Szigeti started off with a turn-2 Rites of Spring, and he managed to ask Fung the number of cards in his hand twice in five seconds.

Szigeti: "Does he have to answer every time I ask it?"
Fung: "I could just punch you in the goddamned face instead."
Rosewater: "There's a point at which you'll get an Unsportsmanlike Conduct."
Szigeti: "I haven't had mine yet this tournament."

Fung drew Call of the Herd and started making large tokens. The first was Ghastly Demised, but the second one stuck. Szigeti made his own tokens via Elephant Ambush and Chatter of the Squirrel, and the race was on. Fung got ahead with a Fiery Temper and a Blazing Salvo, but two consecutive attempts at Longhorn Firebeasts took a 10-point chunk out of Fung's life total. But who cares about life totals? Fung looked at Szigeti's board and slyly reached over to the scoreboard and changed the game score to 2-1 in his favor. The crowd burst in to laughter. The Canadian the cast Flash of Defiance, preventing all of Szigeti's creatures from blocking, and swung in for the kill.

Final Result: Fung 2 – Szigeti 1

Pro Tour Nice, Fourth Booster Draft

Pro Tour Nice, Fourth Booster Draft

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