Round 12: Raphaël Lévy vs Christophe Haim

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

Raphaël Lévy is a known Pro-Tour player who was runner-up at the European Championships 2000. Christophe Haim is also a familiar face, having made Top 8 at Pro Tour-Osaka recently—his first Pro Tour ever.

Game 1

The first turns saw a Mongrel and an Aquamoeba hitting play and delivering some damage.

Lévy dropped an Aquamoeba to stop further damage from the opposing one. Christophe however, summoned a Flametongue Kavu and took out the Wild Mongrel. But the Kavu was not to be a long time on the table since Raphaël found a Fire/Ice to take it out.

Haim used a Violent Eruption to clear the table and serve for three. For a while both players cast creatures and removed the other one's creatures without dealing any damage until Raphaël got the upper hand with Violent Eruption and an active Looter.

Not much later an Arrogant Wurm saw combat and served. Until this point, Lévy had found various threats and started burning Haim directly and the Arrogant Wurm finished the first game.

Lévy 1 – 0 Haim

Game 2

Both players kept their cards and Haim dropped a Wild Mongrel while his opponent chose to go with Merfolk Looter. He then used Fire on a Looter and then a Flametongue Kavu killing two looters this way. But Lévy had another and put it into play together with a Stupefying Touch on the Hound.

After some thought, Christophe decided to use Deep Analysis and let the opponent's Looter become active. Raphaël used the opportunity and cast a Flametongue having Circular Logic in his hand to protect the looter. The Kavu and the stupefied Mongrel traded and on his turn, Haim did find his own Looter that got countered thus opening a window for him to drop his second Mongrel.

His opponent though, found another Kavu and took three cards out of his countrymen's hand.

Raphaël decided to cast Wild Research, the first time seen in this tournament this far, and used Rushing River on the Wurm. His next turn he used Wild Research to get a Violent Eruption and played an Arrogant Wurm through the discard effect.

Rushing River
Lévy was able to squeeze in a Roar while Haim had an Arrogant Wurm. After a flashbacked Deep Analysis Haim found a Rushing River to bounce both Wurms back to Lévy's hand and serve for the win.

Lévy 1 – 1 Haim

Game 3

Both players took a mulligan having both only one Island in their hand.

Once again both players' hand look similar, both having an Arrogant Wurm, but it seemed as though Haim would have the advantage since he could pitch his Wurm to his Aquamoeba. Lévy did take out the Aquamoeba with Fire/Ice though. After three turns he was still unable to draw any discarding mechanism and was getting not so pleased about it.

On his opposing side a Wild Mongrel joined the party and when Lévy finally found a second source of green to play his wurm, Haim had drawn a Flametongue Kavu. Not much later Lévy conceded.

Final Result: Lévy 1 – 2 Haim

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