Round 12 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on May 30, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Mitsios, JohannesWon 2-1vs.Fiore, Stefano
2Nuijten, JulienWon 2-0vs.Hilty, friederic
3Thomas, SalaunLost 0-2vs.Bevand, Manuel
4Maaten, RogierLost 0-2vs.Malherbaud, Pierre
5Pinkster, WilcoLost 0-2vs.Hamon, Yann
6Sanchez Diaz, RubenLost 1-2vs.Nissim, Geron
7Kraft, ReneLost 0-2vs.Siron, Geoffrey
8Gomersall, SamWon 2-1vs.Ponstein, Patrick
9Pascoli, MarioLost 0-2vs.Fatouros, Vasilis
10Le Campion, MarcLost 1-2vs.Nguyen, Xuan-phi
11Dols, RoelWon 2-1vs.Wiegersma, Jelger
12Queroub, SteveLost 1-2vs.Roumanille, Stephane
13Chanioux, PierreLost 0-2vs.Juza, Martin
14Marciniszyn, MichalLost 1-2vs.Gerson, Steve
15Bredt, Klaus-MichaelWon 2-0vs.Brucker, David
16Klauser, BenediktLost 1-2vs.Schreurs, Jos
17Mueller, AndreLost 0-2vs.Tregaro, Thierry
18Tschirch, MarcWon 2-0vs.Hensen, Stijn
19Willems, SjoerdWon 2-0vs.Postema, Bas
20Fays, MaximeWon 2-0vs.Vilm, Jerome
21Meraghni, FaridWon 2-1vs.Barbero, Jose
22Herzog, NicolaiLost 1-2vs.Henke, Tobias
23Gally, TristanLost 1-2vs.Pontonnier, Julien
24Roux, SebastienLost 0-2vs.Da Costa Cabral, Bernardo
25Labarre, NicolasLost 0-2vs.Degrou, Loïc
26Sasburg, RoelofWon 2-0vs.Klings, Rüdiger
27Groothuizen, MatthijsWon 2-0vs.Derdak, Christoph
28Ruel, OlivierLost 0-2vs.Budde, Kai
29Verhulst, JohanWon 2-0vs.Krautmann, Wenzel
30Dewez, JohanWon 2-0vs.Braun, Matthias
Goossens, Benjamin * BYE *

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