Round 13 Feature Match: Chris Benafel and Abraham Snepvangers

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By Ben Ronaldson

Bram had created one of the 'rogue decks' of the field: Obliterate. With 12 sac lands and a very bizarre selection of spells of every color this is well and truly a deck to confuse one's opponents. Chris was playing a typical r/g aggro deck with Kavu Runners and lots of main deck burn, but Bram was not scared of the match up as his record against r/g was 3-1, the loss partly due to a game loss for dropping cards.

Game 1

Chris won the toss and elected to go first, but managed to make no turn 2 play. Abraham managed to lay a sac land for each of the first four turns and dealt with the threats as they came: Terminating a Raging Kavu on turn 3 and Urza's Raging a Kavu Runner on turn 5.

Chris was well aware of what deck he was playing against so he was not overextending himself with either his land or his spells, so he spent a while burning Snepvangers with Rages and Ghitu Fires, so the life totals were at 14-20 when Bram finally cast Obliterate. Unfortunately for the American, he had no second Raging Kavu to play (by floating mana till after the Obliterate resolved but he did manage to fire off an Urza's Rage to reduce the Austrian to 11.

Having cast Fact or Fiction earlier in the game, Bram was looking good to win game 1 after this board sweeper had resolved, but Chris had other ideas. Bram could not quite lay enough land to press home his advantage and could only lay his kicked red Battlemage on turn 11. Tapped for a second, Chris took full advantage by casting an unkicked Skizzik which trampled over the Battlemage to take his opponent to 2 life with the help of a Ghitu Fire and a second Urza's Rage. A second Battlemage with kicker is then made and then a Yawgmoth's Agenda leaving mana open for a Terminate in his graveyard, but Chris peels like a Champion as he plays an instant Kavu in Bram's turn, then rips a second one of the top to deal fatal damage. Bram had attacked with the Battlemage in the previous turn and hence could not deal with the second haste creature. Arguably he was a bit over-zealous with this attack, but I guess he had to start hitting Benafel some time.

Chris 1 - Bram 0

Game 2

Game 2 sees an even slower start for Benafel as all he managed to do was Rage his opponent twice as he got stuck for green mana in the early game. Snepvangers was not doing much better as on turn 6 he was forced to Assault his opponent rather than discard.

When the green mana finally came for Chris he made a Blurred Mongoose and a Thornscape Battle mage (using the red kicker to shock Bram). The green mage was Assaulted and the Blurred Mongoose was traded with an unkicked Battlemage, but two haste creatures started causing trouble as a Skizzik and Raging Kavu began serving, but the former was Terminated and the latter met the Flame of a Tongue Kavu. The removal kept coming for Bram as he then Terminated a Thornscape Familiar and a Raging Kavu, attacked Chris down to 8, then cast Urza's Rage with kicker to deal an extra 10 to the head!

Chris 1 - Bram 1

Game 3

Bram kept a hand with two land and a Chromatic Sphere going second. After two great first games this one proved to be totally anti-climactic as he died on turn 6 with still only two land in play. His bad fortune was not helped by an insane draw from Chris as he laid a turn 2 Blurred Mongoose (a very difficult creature for the control decks to deal with) followed by two Kavu Titans, a Thornscape Familiar and a Kavu Runner.

The only spell Bram managed to cast this match was an Assault on the first Titan, after which he just sat there discarding.

Chris's deck has had a fantastic record on day two as the five members of his team playing the deck have only lost 5 matches in 30!

Final Result: Chris wins 2 - 1

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