Round 13 Feature Match: Franck Canu vs. Bram Snepvangers

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By Mark Wraith

These players were in the happy position of just needing to win this match to be able to draw into the top eight. We have already seen their decks being drafted, so you will know how strong Franck's deck is. Bram's deck turned out pretty well also, and he beat Olivier Ruel 2-0 last round despite having to mulligan to five cards in the first game.

Game 1

There are no mulligans in the first game of this match however, and both players lay early creatures - a Thornscape Apprentice from Franck and a Quirion Elves from Bram. Despite the extra mana the Elves provide, Bram was unable to lay anything on his third turn despite having four mana of all colors available - he had just removal spells and a Halam Djinn in hand.

Franck attacked Bram down to eighteen life with his Apprentice before summoning a Razorfoot Griffin, his Apprentice then being removed by Defiling Tears. Finally Bram had enough mana to cast the Halam Djinn, attacking for four.

Canu enchanted his Razorfoot Griffin with Armadillo Cloak, immediately undoing the damage dealt by the Halam Djinn, but this reprieve was only short-lived, as Bram sacrificed his Quirion Elves to cast Death Bomb on the 4/4 Flyer after attacking. His attack had brought Franck down to thirteen and the Bomb brought the Frenchman to 11, and left the only creature on the table as the Halam Djinn.

Franck played a Nomadic Elf that didn't look like nearly being enough to stop the Djinn, however, when Bram tried to cast Exotic Curse on the Elf, it was replaced by a Fleetfoot Panther which also traded with the Djinn. Bram then played a Hunting Kavu.

The Kavu met a grisly death as Canu played a Sunscape Battlemage, to draw two cards, then cast Gaea's Might on it as Bram attacked. All Bram had left was a Quirion Explorer, which looked like bad news for him - as Franck cast his second Armadillo Cloak of the game on his Battlemage.

Franck recast the Nomadic Elf and although it was removed by Tribal Flames, Bram didn't have a way of dealing with the 4/4 Trampler, and was soon forced to concede once his blockers had run out.

Game 2

Bram opted to go first in this duel, and had to take a mulligan. His six card hand was more acceptable, and now it was Franck's turn to think long and hard about a mulligan, although he decided not to in the end.

Bram started with a Thornscape Familiar and a Quirion Explorer, while Franck missed his third land drop and had only a Benalish Trapper. Strangely Bram cast Mourning on the Trapper after his next turn's attack step, whereas he could have got through with one damage if he had played it beforehand.

Canu found a way to get out of his slight mana-screw with a Quirion Elf, although Bram wasn't too happy about his opponent having mana and cast Tribal Flames on the Elf.

Finally Franck found his third land, and now when Bram attacked with his Familiar and his Explorer, the 2/1 ran into a surprise Fleetfoot Panther. Franck played his fourth land and replayed his Trapper, while Bram, whose attack had at this point dried up, summoned a Hunting Kavu. When the Kavu attacked on Bram's next turn, it also had a nasty surprise in store for it - Canu's second Fleetfoot Panther!

Now it was the Frenchman who was firmly on the offensive, attacking with both Panthers and summoning a Razorfoot Griffin. With only a Root Greevil for defense, Bram blocked for two turns, and removed the Griffin, but had no way of dealing with the Fleetfoot Panthers, especially when Canu enchanted one of them with Armadillo Cloak.

Final Result: Franck Canu defeats Bram Snepvangers, 2 - 0

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