Round 13 Feature Match: Gary Wise vs. Erno Ekebom

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By Randy Buehler

Round 13 was crunch time for Gary Wise and Erno Ekebom. Each got to draft at table 1 for the last draft of the Swiss, but each lost in round 12 and had his back to the wall, needing to win each of the last two rounds to advance to the Top 8. Ekebom is gunning for his second straight Top 8 here on the boat while Wise is hoping for his second straight Top 8 at a Limited Pro Tour. Ekebom had to draft in the dreaded #1 seat where he took first pick Soul Burn and then stuck to black/blue the whole draft. Wise had the 5 seat and went green. After walking into two free Harrows, he expanded into a very aggressive but potentially inconsistent five color green deck.

Wise had an excellent draw in game 1: turn 2 Llanowar Knight, turn 3 Nomadic Elf, turn 4 use the Elf to generate red mana to Scorching Lava away Vodalian Zombie. That same Nomadic Elf then generated the blue mana for Samite Archer, but Ekebom had the Soul burn he needed to remove the Archer. Wise poured on the pressure with Serpentine Kavu and then Kavu Climber and Ekebom just didn't have any answers.

Ekebom had a slow draw in game 2 with just a pair of Metathran Zombies and no Swamps, but Wise's draw was even worse - Wise had to discard on turns 3 and 4 because he didn't have a third land to cast the Harrow in his hand. Once Wise finally drew his land, Ekebom had a kicked Faerie Squadron in play and an Urborg Emissary ready to bounce Gary's first creature. Then when Ekebom stopped Harrow with Spite, Wise just scooped.

Game 3 was even less dramatic. Wise mulliganed away a 7-card hand with a Plains, an Island, and a bunch of green cards. Then he mulliganed away a 6-card hand with no land. Then he cashed in Mountain, Nomadic Elf, Nomadic Elf because he reasoned that even if he top-decked a Forest he would lose since those were just Nomadic Elves (and not Llanowar Knights). Wise kept his four cards and the only spell he cast the entire game was turn 5 Quirion Sentinel, burn for 1. Plague Spores sent him reeling away from Top 8 contention.

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