Round 13 Feature Match: Ichiro Shimura v. Tsuyoshi Fujita

Posted in Event Coverage on October 13, 2002

By Josh Bennettt

It's a good day to be Tsuyoshi Fujita. The father of modern Japanese Magic is sitting in a huge tie for third place at thirty points. A win means he can intentional draw into the Top 8. Everyone just assumes it's going to happen. Everyone, that is, except amateur Ichiro Shimura. He's gunning for a place of his own.

Shimura opened with Battlefield Medic, and then attacked it right into Fujita's waiting Vitality Charm. Fujita made a secret guy and passed it back, but Shimura had no answer. That let Fujita reveal Haunted Cadaver and strip all but two cards from Shimura's hand. He had four land in play, with two more, Misery Charm, Pacifism and Prowling Pangolin in hand.

Shimura kept Prowling Pangolin and Pacifism, rather than the fifth land to cast it. His decision was punished with a Cruel Revival waiting for him. He had Pacifism for Fujita's Elven Riders, but there weren't any lands forthcoming. Fujita played out a pair of morphs. Shimura matched them with one of his own. He tried to trade, but the one he'd blocked waas Snarling Undorak. He made a Severed Legion and tried again, only to be foiled by a cycled Primal Boost. His Gustcloak Harrier finally managed to trade.

But not before they had helped power up Fujita's Stag Beetle. Shimura drew swamp, and decided to make the Pangolin. Fujita showed him Cruel Revival, and they were on to game two.

Fujita 1 - Shimura 0

Shimura opened with Medic again in the second game, but Fujita had no forest to threaten Vitality Charm. However, Shimura's draw was slow with no third turn play. Fujita made a morph, and swung into Shimura's next play of Dive Bomber. Shimura bit, and of course Fujita had the Vitality Charm to finish the Bomber.

Shimura rebuilt with Daunting Defender, and his Medic was Swatted. Thrashing Mudspawn threatened to rule the table. Shimura answered it expertly with Nantuko Husk and Disciple of Grace. Fujita dropped a giant Stag Beetle, but Shimura had Pacifism. Festering Goblin made blocking the incoming Defender and Husk a bad idea. Fujita started to eat damage. He bought time with Wirewood Herald, searching out a twin for the following turn.

Shimura kept hammering. The second Herald blocked the Husk, and the Mudspawn blocked the Defender, forcing Shimura to eat the Goblin. Cruel Revival Before damage took care of the Defender. Fujita got a Wellwisher and then played it and a morph on his turn. Shimura played Frightshroud Courier.

Fujita swung with his morph. Terrified that it might be Haunted Cadaver, Shimura blocked with his Courier. Fujita turned over Snarling Undorak. Shimura hit it with Cruel Revival on his turn, getting back his Goblin to pave the way for the Husk. Fujita trumped with Krosan Groundshaker. Shimura swung again and traded his Disciple and Goblin for it. Misery Charm got back his Daunting Defender.

But now Shimura was out of gas. He held back. Fujita busted out Elven Riders and started swinging. Shimura started to draw land. Four in a row, in fact. Fujita hit a bit of a glut, too, but he had the advantage. He drew a card that made him consider his next move, but he decided that he had to risk the game, since Shimura clearly had nothing for so long. Down came Mythic Proportions, turning the Riders lethal. Shimura showed his hand of lands, and scooped.

Tsuyoshi Fujita defeats Ichiro Shimura 2-0

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