Round 13: Konrad Zawadzki vs. Eivind Nitter

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By Mark Wraith

Both of these players wer in contention for the top eight if they won their last two matches.

Game 1

Eivind won the dice roll and chose to go first. Eivind went first and played a Beloved Chaplain on his second turn. Konrad played a Think Tank on his third, but had to take a couple of points damage from the Chaplain. The tank allowed Konrad to avoid drawing a Swamp, instead he got a Dirty Wererat which he cast immediately. This couldn't stop the Chaplain of course, but with only three lands in play Nitter wasn't doing much of anything, and he could only cast a Pilgrim of Justice.

Konrad played a Pulsating Illusion and went down to fifteen from the Chaplain, but Eivind still couldn't do anything with his three mana, giving Konrad the chance to imprive his board position even more with a second Wererat. Eivind finally drew his fourth land and played a Mystic Zealot. When the Pole attacked, Eivind blocked both Wererats but had to let the Illusion through for four more damage, putting him to twelve. After combat Konrad played Patriarch's Desire to finish off the Zealot.

Nitter gained some valuable time when he used Repel on the Illusion, although with six cards in Konrad's graveyard already the Wererat's were very close to Threshold. Eivind was up to his usual tricks here, and didn't spot the Wererats ability - he blocked one with his Mystic Zealot and another with Pilgrim of Justice, losing both to the easy-to-spot-play of Konrad setting up a regeneration shield. Even after this debacle he could still hold off the Wererats with his Luminous Guardian and Beloved Chaplain.

An Escape Artist for Zawadzki threatened to get through some damage, and he finally replayed the Illusion as well. Then Eivind played a Dreamwinder. The Luminous Guardian was killed by a Ghastly Demise, and the Wererats and Illusion started to get through some serious damage again, and Nitter had to concede as he had no way of stopping a trio of 4/5s. Both players were playing quite slowly and each seemed unhappy with the pace of the other's paly.

Konrad Zawadzki 1 - Eivind Nitter 0

Game 2

Nitter played a Pilgrim of Justice that attacked past a Dusk Imp, before playing an Angelic Wall. The Wall blocked a Dusk Imp and Konrad attempted to remove it with Flame Burst, but Eivind sacrificed his Pilgrim to keep it in play.Once again Konrad tried to kill the Wall by playing Patriarch's Desire after attacking, and this time the wall was saved by a Shelter.

Nitter did nothing except play lands, however, and the game was spell-less until Konrad managed a Dirty Wererat on turn seven. Eivind played a Nomad Decoy, but it was removed by Ghastly Demise. Nitter followed up with a Cephalid Scout but Konrad at least got in some damage with a Dusk Imp and played a Dreamwinder.

Eivind was playing particularly fast here and encouraging his opponent to play faster, but he seemed to be behind in any case. Konrad played a second Dirty Wererat and then an Escape Artist. All Evind had was his Wall and a Cephalid Scout with Psionic Gift on it. When Konrad added a Pulsating Illusion and a Gravedigger fetching back Dusk Imp, the game looked to be all but over, with Eivind on nine life. Nitter summoned a Dreamwinder, then a Mystic Zealot. Konrad killed the Cephalid Scout with Patriarch's Desire and attacked with everything.

Only the Illusion could get through and this put Eivind on five life. Nitter played Chamber of Manipulation which enabled him to gain control of the Pulsting Illusion and at least stop the beatdown, and a second Gravedigger fetched back a Painbringer putting the onus on the Norwegian to find an answer. He did have a Second Thoughts to remove one of the attacking Wererats, but with a massive graveyard Konrad was able to remove Eivind's creatures one at a time with the Painbringer. A Psionic Gift took care of the Painbringer, and time with Eivind about to swarm for the win.

His opponent didn't wait to play it out, and conceded to end the match in a draw.

Final Result: Konrad Zawadzki 1 - Eivind Nitter 1

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