Round 13: Olivier Ruel vs. Diego Mata

Posted in Event Coverage on March 24, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

No one necessarily had to win this game but it would definitely make either one of them relax and think about Intentional Draw into the Top 8.

Game 1

Olivier decides to go first after calling "Carra". Both kept their hands and Ruel pounded immediately with a Chatter of Squirrels. That went unanswered so a Mongrel followed. As if that weren't enough he cast a Organ Grinder.

On the other side of the table Diego just laid land and ended his turn smiling in desperation.

Holding two Overruns, the Frenchmen cast Acorn Harvest. As is guessing it, his opponent cast Violent Eruption to kill all squirrels Olivier had. Olivier replayed his squirrels via Flashback and his next turn he announced it leaving his opponent with no choice but to concede.

Ruel 1 – 0 Diego Mata

Game 2

Mata decided to go first and cast a Longhorn Firebeast. Ruel took five damage and then cast Dusk Imp. He seemed to be having difficulties, having missed one land drop.

After begging his deck for a land it delivered and he was able to cast a Whispering Shade.

On the other side of the table, Diego played a Violent Eruption to kill both of his opponent's creatures but Ruel came back with a Zombie Assassin and four squirrels. Ruel didn't even attack with his Zombie Assassin fearing Second Thoughts, which took the life of a Squirrel. Later a Diligent Farmhand joined the little rodents and the Overrun seemed unavoidable as five creatures could attack. And so it happened.

Diego played Second Thoughts on a Zombie Assassin and discarded a card for Hypochondria.

He was at two life.

Trying to struggle with the unavoidable he cast Veteran Centaur. Ruel wasted it away and attacked leaving his opponent at one. With his Winnie the Pooh on his lap he hit the table with another Diligent Farmhand and watched curiously what his opponent would do when he attacked with all his creatures. The Spanish hanged on to every card and hope he had, but couldn't escape the unavoidable and even sacrificing his Hypochondria it was not possible resist.

Final Result: Ruel 2 – 0 Mata

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