Round 13 Pairings (by Table)

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By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerPoints OpponentPoints
1Tong, King Yim Kingston/HK 31vs.Petersen, Granger/TW 30
2Kuo, Tzu Ching/TW 31vs.Hoshino, Fumio/JP 28
3Hwang, Wen Jien/TW 29vs.Tamber, Tobey Anthony/TW 28
4Tukamoto, Tosiki/JP 27vs.Siagian, Yohannes P/ID 24
5Ho, Chih Cheng/TW 27vs.Ng, Chi Fai/HK 27
6Wong, Keen Meng Nicholas Jon 27vs.Lin, Yu Shie/TW 27
7Gong, Cheng Yu/TW 27vs.Lin, Yi Jie/TW 25
8Lin, Bao Qiang/SG 27vs.Chiu, Teng Fung/TW 25
9Chiang, Kang Nien/TW 27vs.Au Yeung, Hon Ming/HK 27
10Jiang, Chi Hou/TW 26vs.Wong, Chun Hung/HK 25
11Guo, Chi Hsen/TW 25vs.Hwang, Shin Chun/TW 25
12Lin, Wu Chian/TW 24vs.Wang, Ming Chee/TW 24
13Lin, Cheng Yung/TW 24vs.Ng, Kwok Wing/HK 24
14Tsai, Ming Da/TW 24vs.Lee, Jim Tim/TW 24
15Tsai, Min Chi/TW 24vs.Jung, Zo Jun/TW 22
16Tang, Kai Cheong/HK 24vs.Chiu, Tsz Hong/HK 24
17Huang, Yung Ling/TW 24vs.Chiu, Wei Jei/TW 23
18Cheung, Kee Yin Lawrence/HK 24vs.Chung, Sse Hsing/TW 23
19Kageyama, Taro/JP 24vs.Chang, Chiu Hsiang/TW 24
20Ko, Chang Ching/TW 23vs.Hwung, Youn Ming/TW 22
21Ng, Chun Pong Ivan/HK 22vs.Lin, Yang How/TW 21
22Chen, Yeng Hau/TW 21vs.Wang, Kwau Wei/TW 21
23Lee, Cheng Shuo/TW 21vs.Shvartsman, Alex/US 19
24Chen, Yu Shu/TW 21vs.Lee, Wei Yee/TW 21
25Chen, Jung Ho/TW 21vs.Lee, Chia Wen/TW 21
26Kuo, Shau Ren/TW 21vs.Huang, Feng Sheng/TW 21
27Chin, Chao Hsia/TW 21vs.Kao, Yu Ho/TW 21
28Chen, Yu Wei/TW 20vs.Li, Siu Chung/HK 18
Chaion, Pei/TW 21 * BYE * Pod 4
Rosenthal, David/CA 17 * BYE * Pod 8

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