Round 13 Pairings (By Table)

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

1Katz, Adam 21vs.Parker, Brock 21
1Parker, Brock 21vs.Katz, Adam 21
2Stern, Dustin 30vs.Wise, Gary 28
2Wise, Gary 28vs.Stern, Dustin 30
3Arreola, Saul 22vs.Ellis, Chad 24
3Ellis, Chad 24vs.Arreola, Saul 22
4Bregoli, Mike 27vs.Pechon, Jonathan 27
4Pechon, Jonathan 27vs.Bregoli, Mike 27
5Fink, Jeff 23vs.Pustilnik, Michael 25
5Pustilnik, Michael 25vs.Fink, Jeff 23
6Humpherys, David 25vs.Le Pine, Mark 27
6Le Pine, Mark 27vs.Humpherys, David 25
7Thomsen, Skye 25vs.Tsai, Tony 25
7Tsai, Tony 25vs.Thomsen, Skye 25
8Benafel, Chris 28vs.Linde, Matt 31
8Linde, Matt 31vs.Benafel, Chris 28
9Tidwell, Brian 22vs.Wolf, Sean 22
9Wolf, Sean 22vs.Tidwell, Brian 22
10Mandel, Daniel 28vs.O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Steven 28
10O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Steven 28vs.Mandel, Daniel 28
11Reasoner, Eric 24vs.Smith, Sean 22
11Smith, Sean 22vs.Reasoner, Eric 24
12Caceres, George 16vs.Juday, Benjamin 19
12Juday, Benjamin 19vs.Caceres, George 16
13Danziger, Tim 26vs.Maher, Bob 27
13Maher, Bob 27vs.Danziger, Tim 26
14Fear, Edward 26vs.Frayman, Igor 27
14Frayman, Igor 27vs.Fear, Edward 26
15Clegg, Dan 29vs.Johns, Scott 29
15Johns, Scott 29vs.Clegg, Dan 29
16Eslami, Ali 25vs.Opalka, Jason 23
16Opalka, Jason 23vs.Eslami, Ali 25
17England, Scott 22vs.Lee, Jonathan 22
17Lee, Jonathan 22vs.England, Scott 22
18Lisica, Kyle 21vs.Rietzl, Paul 24
18Rietzl, Paul 24vs.Lisica, Kyle 21
19Hegstad, Brian 27vs.Kelleher, Tom 28
19Kelleher, Tom 28vs.Hegstad, Brian 27
20Chong, Rick 25vs.Livingston, Steven 24
20Livingston, Steven 24vs.Chong, Rick 25
21Kuykendall, Dave 23vs.Urban, Matthew 24
21Urban, Matthew 24vs.Kuykendall, Dave 23
22Gerhardt, B. Scott 24vs.Hubble, Bryan 24
22Hubble, Bryan 24vs.Gerhardt, B. Scott 24
23Boneau, Trent 19vs.Honan, Chris 21
23Honan, Chris 21vs.Boneau, Trent 19
24Leiher, Peter 31vs.Vienneau, Matthew 33
24Vienneau, Matthew 33vs.Leiher, Peter 31
25Long, Hogan 26vs.Mondragon, Daniel 25
25Mondragon, Daniel 25vs.Long, Hogan 26
26Blackwell, Trevor 31vs.Romig, Ben 28
26Romig, Ben 28vs.Blackwell, Trevor 31
27Kesselman, Eric 22vs.Krakower, Gary 21
27Krakower, Gary 21vs.Kesselman, Eric 22
28Clark, Jeffrey 25vs.Tsang, Gabriel 22
28Tsang, Gabriel 22vs.Clark, Jeffrey 25
Hale, Matt 19*** BYE ***
Van Zandt, Andrew 18*** BYE ***

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