Round 13: Thomas Gundersen vs. Eric Froehlich

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Toby Wachter

Gundersen's only notable finish to this point is a Top 8 at Grand Prix Tours. Froehlich made his first Pro Tour Top 8 at San Diego, which was the last Limited Pro Tour. He hopes to follow up with yet another Odyssey Limited Top 8 this weekend, and a win here would bring him one giant step closer.

Game 1

Mesmeric Fiend
Gundersen went first, and played Mesmeric Fiend on turn two, seeing Skywing Aven, Faceless Butcher, Soul Scourge and Aven Windreader. The Butcher went under the Fiend, and Gundersen played a second, as Froehlich threw his hand on the table in disgust. Skywing Aven was now gone, and Gundersen summoned Nantuko Disciple. Froehlich played his first creature of the game in Aven Fisher, and Gundersen brought out an 8/8 Gorilla Titan. Froehlich cast Cephalid Retainer to contain it, but Gundersen had a Butcher. Quite simply, this game was about as lopsided as it gets.

Gundersen- 1 Froehlich- 0

While shuffling for Game 2, Rosewater mentioned there were so many Scandinavian players in the running for Top 8. Gundersen replied "It's because we're the best at Magic. Want to know why? Because they keep it (the temperature) so cold at Pro Tours." Rosewater commented that he thought they had more time to play games because it was so cold outdoors where they live.

Game 2

Gundersen mulliganed his opening hand, and started off with Diligent Farmhand. Froehlich had Cephalid Scout, and Gundersen sacrificed his Farmhand to accelerate to four mana on turn three. This was followed by Cabal Torturer, which was bad news for the Scout. Froehlichcast Peek, and saw Whsipering Shade, Gorilla Titan, and two lands in Gundersen's hand. The Torturer then shot down the Scout, and Whispering shade was summoned.

Froehlich had nothing on turn five, and Gundersen played a Lithatog. He then sent in the Shade and Torturer for five points of damage. Afflict took down the Shade, and another Cephalid Scout was summoned. It died to the Torturer, and Gundersen dropped the Titan into play. Froehlich brought out Dirty Wererat to help stop the bleeding, but the board was still in Gundersen's favor. He attacked with the Lithatog and the Titan, and sacrificed a land and used the Torturer to help his 'Tog survive being blocked by the Wererat. Gundersen cast Unhinge, and Froehlich discarded Ghostly Wings. Aven Fisher joined Froehlich's side on the following turn.

Gundersen now attacked with just the Titan, and Froehlich double blocked it with the Fisher and Wererat. The Torturer let the Titan live, and the Fisher headed to the graveyard. Gundersen then summoned a Filthy Cur. Froehlich now had threshold, so he attacked with the Wererat to deal four damage. He followed up with Carrion Wurm, which would certainly slow down Gundersen's attack. Elephant Ambush was played on end step, and attacked with the elephant, Cur and Lithatog on his turn. The Wurm blocked the Lithatog, Gundersen tapped a land for green in response to the Wurm's activated ability going on the stack, Lithatog ate a land to gain threshold, Cabal Torturer made the Wurm -2/-2, and three cards were taken out of Gundersen's library to make the Wurm deal no combat damage. Froehlich removed three cards from his own graveyard to negate threshold, which would allow him to block with the Werereat on the next attack. On his turn, he summoned Soul Scourge. Lithatog provided threshold again, the Torturer killed the Scourge, and Froehlich conceded.

Final Result: Gundersen- 2 Froehlich- 0

Pro Tour Nice, Fourth Booster Draft

Pro Tour Nice, Fourth Booster Draft

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