Round 13 - Top Table Round-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on August 20, 2011

By Rich Hagon

Rich Hagon combines a deep knowledge of the players of the Pro Tour with a passionate love of the game. He's a regular commentator for Pro Tour and Grand Prix live video coverage, and is the official Pro Tour Statistician. He has been covering Magic events since 2006.

The penultimate round of Great Britain Nationals, and here's how the four feature matches went down, minute by minute, as it happened.

Kevin Blake UB control versus Joe Jackson RUG Daniel Royde Eldrazi Green versus Jason Savage mono-red Daniel Harborne mono-red versus Scott Macpherson RUG Tim Pinder vampires versus Carrie Oliver RUG

5.12 Tim has double Kalastria Highborn against Carrie, plus Bloodghast and Vampire Lacerator. GAME Tim 1 - 0 Carrie.

5.13 Scott falls to 3 with Birthing Pod in play, uses Obstinate Baloth to get back to 7.

5.15 Royde uses Green Sun's Zenith to fetch a second Overgrown Battlement.

5.16 Double Lightning Bolt from Daniel Harborne gives him GAME 1-0 over Scott.

5.17 Royde casts Terastodon against Savage.

5.18 Kevin Blake casts Grave Titan against Joe Jackson, follows up with Karn Liberated.

5.19 Carrie Oliver leads with Birds of Paradise, but Tim kills it with Dismember. No second land for Carrie, facing double Kalastria Highborn.

5.20 GAME Royde takes the lead 1-0 over Jason Savage.

5.21 Carrie looking desperately for outs against double Kalastria Highborn plus BloodghastObstinate Baloth still no help. MATCH Tim 2
- 0 Carrie.

5.22 GAME Kevin takes the lead over Joe Jackson 1-0.

5.23 Game 2, Scott at 14. Grim Lavamancer from Dan Harborne. Scott has Sea Gate Oracle.

5.25 Despise from Kevin takes Sea Gate Oracle from Joe Jackson.

5.26 Pyroclasm from Scott clears the board, casts a Grim Lavamancer of his own.

5.27 Savage opens Game 2 with Goblin GuideEmber HaulerChandra's Phoenix. Royde gets destroyed. GAME Royde 1 - 1 Savage

5.28 MATCH Daniel burns face, taking out Scott Macpherson. Harborne 2
- 0 Macpherson.

5.30 Kevin destroys both Birds of Paradise of Jackson, closing in on Grave Titan.

5.31 Joe goes for a third Birds of Paradise, met Mana Leak. Kevin reaches Grave Titan. MATCH Kevin Blake 2 - 0 Joe Jackson.

5.32 Royde mulligans to six for deciding game against Savage, who keeps.

5.34 Royde trades Fauna Shaman for 4/2 Goblin Guide via Teetering Peaks.

5.35 Savage has Ratchet Bomb, Royde has Obstinate Baloth.

5.36 Lightning Bolt plus Grim Lavamancer activation sends Obstinate Baloth to the graveyard. Royde casts Garruk Wildspeaker.

5.38 Garruk dead, Ratchet Bomb gone, Royde casts Obstinate Baloth, goes up to 25. Against a red deck.

5.40 Savage kills the Baloth with Dismember, Savage at 14, Royde at 23.

5.42 Green Sun's Zenith for six fetches Primeval Titan. Royde surely can't lose now.

5.44 Primeval Titan gets Royde to 15 mana. That means Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. MATCH Royde 2-1.

And that was that. Four clean matches, four clean winners, four clean losers. For the rest of the contenders scrapping away at the top of the standings, there was one more round to go to determine the shape of the top 8.

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