Round 13: Tristan Gall vs. Sam Kissajukian

Posted in Event Coverage on November 25, 2002

By Dan Gow

This matchup features Canberra's Tristan Gall and Sydney's Sam Kissajukian – the winner would progressing to the top 8 final. Both players are nervous and a deck check deal of 8 minutes doesn't help. The judges come back and inform Tristan that he has failed to de-sideboard and has received a game loss. A tough way to win the right to go first.

Kissajukian 1 Gall 0

Game 2

Tristan opens, his red green deck racing out of the blocks with A Goblin Sledder followed by a Wellwisher, Sam countering with an Glory Seeker. The sledder continues the assault with the help of the Goblin Burrows trading with the Seeker, Tristan knows that his deck must push for early tempo to win. A second Glory seeker hits the table on Sam's side but this time it's not big enough to dictate terms with Tristan finding an Elvish Warrior.

Sam thinks he can out-race by enchanting his Glory Seeker with Improvised Armor making it a 4/7. They trade beats as a goblin raider is enhanced by a second Goblin Burrows. Sam continued to push with a Severed Legion, a morph creature, a Nightglove Courier and a Nantuko Husk. .Down to only 5 life, with the 5/2 goblin flier swinging, Sam morphed the healer into play leaving himself at 1 life.
With Tristan on 11 life he made his play....

He cast a Festering goblin, which Tristan asked to responded to with the Wellwisher putting him on 13 life. He then activated the courier (targeting the husk) and declared an alpha strike, doing 12 points of damage. The Wellwisher responding to the goblin proved to be the game as the goblin swung for lethal next turn.

1 game all.

Game 3

Sam opens with a Wretched Anurid, Tristan replying with an Elvish Warrior. The Severed Legion that threatened to cause so much damage last time, hit the table in a timely 3rd turns. Taking early damage Gall cast a Skirk Commando face up, putting a Crown of Fury on it, This combined with a Goblin Burrows and a Sparksmith meant the Commando could not be taken down in combat and was always taking a creature a turn. Daru Sentinel, Daunting Defender, even a Silent Specter fell as Tristan went on to victory securing a place in the top 8 finals.

Final Result: Gall 2 - Kissajukian 1

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