Round 13: Victor van den Broek vs. Ben Seck

Posted in Event Coverage on May 10, 2003

By Toby Wachter

The winner of this match will play tomorrow. If Seck wins, it will be the first time an Australian has made Top 8 of a Pro Tour since Tom Champheng's Worlds Championship. Seck was quick to point out that he has never won money on the Pro Tour before this event, much less played for Top 8.

Game 1

Seck double mulliganed to start, and played Skirk Drill Sergeant, declaring "Start the beatdown!" van den Broek had Starlight Invoker, and countered back, "Stop the beatdown!" van den Broek summoned Battlefield Medic, while Seck played a pair of morph creatures.

"Morph, morph. It's like the Matrix. I'm Morpheus!"- Seck

(Craig Krempels sitting next to him starts laughing sarcastically in a tone that suggests, 'That was the lamest thing I've ever heard.")

Van den Broek's morph was blocked by the Fire Marshall, and Gravel Slinger was flipped over to survive combat. Van den Broek's defense increased with Beacon of Destiny and Wall of Hope, while Seck summoned Sage Aven. It attacked, and the Beacon took the point of damage instead of van den Broek's face. Skirk Marauder flipped over on end step to deal two to Battlefield Medic, which tapped to save itself.

Seck untapped, and attacked with all his creatures. It seemed pointless, as all of Seck's creatures died, but then the Australian played his trump card- Slice and Dice. Suddenly, the board went from impossible to completely empty. Van den Broek came back with Riptide Shapeshifter, but Seck kept pace, killing it with Pinpoint Avalanche. Both players had morphs, and Seck summoned Mistform Wall as well. Van den Broek got a decent threat in Swooping Talon, and Seck put Lavamancer's Skill on his wall.

Van den Broek attacked with both his creatures, provoking Seck's morph creature. It flipped over to reveal Skirk Marauder after damage went on the stack, and the Wall provided the last two damage necessary to shoot down the Talon- however, van den Broek cycled Gempalm Avenger to keep it alive. Seck untapped and shot down van den Broek's morph (Crude Rampart), and started taking two damage a turn from the Talon.

Seck played a pair of morph creatures, and van den Broek chose not to provoke anything, since the Talon could be gang blocked and killed in combat. van den Broek played a morph and ended his turn, so Seck shot it down- in response, it flipped over to reveal Chromeshell Crab, and went to Seck's side to trade for his Skilled Wall. Echo Tracer bounced back the wall, and the game swung right back. Seck attacked with a morph and the Crab- Keeneye Aven blocked the morph, which turned out to be Battering Craghorn.

Swooping Talon came over and was gang blocked by three of Seck's blockers in order to take it down, but van den Broek had a great trick in Inspirit to keep it alive and take out two of the three creatures. Regardless, Pinpoint Avalanche finished the job. Van den Broek had Dive Bomber, and morphed up Ascending Aven to go to the air. Seck couldn't find removal or a flyer, and lost soon after.

van den Broek- 1 Seck- 0

Game 2

Seck's Drill Sergeant was matched by van den Broek's Beacon of Destiny, but Goblin Burrows allowed for a trade. Van den Broek played Wingbeat Warrior face up, and Seck had a morph. The Warrior attacked for two, and Ascending Aven gave van den Broek a five damage clock in the air. Skirk Commando came through to kill the Aven- the Warrior attacked back and a Dive Bomber sat back on defense, but died to Pinpoint Avalanche, allowing the Commando to take down the Warrior as well. Van den Broek played Daru Lancer followed by a morph creature.

Skirk Marauder
Seck flipped over Echo Tracer to bounce the Lancer, put Lavamancer's Skill on it, and shot down van den Broek's morph (Ascending Aven). The Lancer came right back down, and Skirk Marauder along with a Skill shot took the first striker down, clearing the way for an attack. Van den Broek played another morph and Seck shot it- it flipped over to reveal Gravel Slinger, but it didn't matter since Seck had yet another Marauder.

Someone in crowd- "TBS...God just called. He wants his draw back."

van den Broek- 1 Seck- 1

Game 3

Van den Broek played a second turn Battlefield Medic, and a third turn morph. Seck played a morph of his own, and van den Broek cast Dive Bomber. Sage Aven gave Seck a good blocker, but he didn't put it in front of the Bomber's attack on the following turn in fear of Gempalm Avenger. Van den Broek played Crude Rampart, while Seck had a second morph creature. A few turns later, Lavamancer's Skill went on the Aven.

At this point, van den Broek didn't have many options, and had to play all his creatures and hope for the best. He played Wingbeat Warrior, and when Seck tried to shoot the Dive Bomber, he responded with Inspirit. Seck added Willbender to the stack, and van den Broek's creatures were dropping from the sky left and right. Even Riptide Shapeshifter wasn't safe, dying to Skirk Marauder and a Skill shot. One by one van den Broek's creatures fell, and when there were none left, Ben Seck was on his way to the Top 8.

Final Result: van den Broek- 1 Seck- 2

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