Round 14: Benjamin Caumes vs. Anton Jonsson

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2002

By Kim Eikefet

In the final round of the Swiss, Benjamin Caumes from France faced Anton Jonsson from Sweden in a match where the winner would make the Top 8.

Game 1

Violent Eruption
Caumes chose to play first. He drew his opening hand, but had to mulligan once. Jonsson kept his hand, and Caumes played a turn two Merfolk Looter. The Frenchman started to loot as soon as he could, and used the madness cost of a Violent Eruption to deal four damage to Jonsson. He then played a Call of the Herd. Jonsson tried to Repulse it, but Caumes had a Circular Logic, and the Elephant token stayed in play.

A Flametongue Kavu took out the Looter, but Caumes had a Kavu of his own that killed Jonsson's Kavu. The Swede then summoned a Meddling Mage, naming Call of the Herd. Caumes then attempted to cast another Looter, but it was Counterspelled. A Fire killed the Mage, and the Elephant and the Kavu attacked to take Jonsson down to five life.

Jonsson needed some way of stabilising the situation, and he played another Mage calling Call of the Herd. The Mage bravely killed the Kavu, but at two life, things looked really bad for the Swede. He Counterspelled a flashbacked Call of the Herd, and then he tapped four mana to see if a Fact or Fiction could find him a way to survive. He flipped over two Flametongue Kavus, an Absorb and two lands, and chose to take the two Kavus. With only two mana untapped, he was unable to play them, so instead, he summoned a Meddling Mage and chumped the Elephant token. Then he faced an Arrogant wurm as well, and he had to go down to one life by taking one damage to get red mana so that he could play the Flametongue Kavu and kill the Wurm.

Caumes didn't have any direct damage, and Anton got to live another round untap. He played a Deep Analysis, hoping to be able to find something before Caumes could finish him off. The Elephant traded for the Kavu, and the table was cleared.

Caumes played a Birds of Paradise, and Jonsson let it resolve. He then Iced the Birds to draw an extra card. Finally, he found a basic mountain, which made things look at least a little bit better as he could play the Flametongue Kavu in his hand without dying to his own pain land. The mountain came in handy when Caumes hard-cast an Arrogant Wurm, and the Wurm died to the Kavu. The Frenchman dug into his library with a Careful Study, and got a Basking Rootwalla in play thanks to the madness.

Jonsson, still on one life, sacrificed his Cephalid Coliseum to draw three cards. Caumes responded by playing Fire, targetting Jonsson—and the Swede responded with an Absorb. The Frenchman played a Volcanic Eruption in response, but a Memory Lapse saved the Swede, and he went up to four life. Then he got to draw his cards.

During the Frenchman's next turn, Jonsson got targeted by the Violent Eruption once again, and as he was unable to draw a counter off an Ice, he scooped.

Caumes 1 – 0 Jonsson

Game 2

Call of the Herd
Jonsson played first in the second game. Both players kept their hands, and Caumes played a turn one Careful Study. He didn't find a Rootwalla though. Instead, he had to wait for a creature until turn three, when he played a Call of the Herd.

The Elephant token started hitting Jonsson, who needed a way to deal with the Elephant. He cast a Fact or Fiction, and flipped over two Coastal Towers, an Adarkar Wastes, a Goblin Trenches and a Flametongue Kavu. The Frenchman put the two spells in one pile, and Jonsson chose to take the three lands.

Jonsson was soon at ten life thanks to the Elephant token, and he played yet another Fact or Fiction. This time he flipped over a Coastal Tower, two Flametongue Kavus, an Absorb and a Rakavolver. Caumes put the two Kavus in one pile, giving Jonsson a touch choice. The Swede thought for a good while before going for the Kavus.

Jonsson tried to play a Flametongue Kavu to get rid of the Elephant token. Caumes didn't want that to happen. He used a Circular Logic to counter it, and when Jonsson Memory Lapsed the Logic, he used a Gainsay to keep the Kavu off the table. Jonsson went down to five. Caumes played a Careful Study. He then discarded two Flametongue Kavus so that he could keep a hand with a Call of the Herd, a Fire/Ice, a land and a Merfolk Looter. He then played the Call, the land and the Looter, putting more pressure on Jonsson.

The Swede had drawn one of his two sideboard Wrath of Gods, and cleared the table. One turn later, he played another Fact or Fiction, flipping four lands and a Repulse. Jonsson chose a pile with three lands. He then sacrificed his Cephalid Coliseum to improve the card quality of his hand.

Finally, the Swede tapped three lands to play Goblin Trenches—but he made a mistake and cursed when he discovered that he had tapped one of his "double" lands. After taking one mana burn, he found himself at Violent Eruption-range. Caumes played a Looter, but it was Fired.

Caumes needed pressure, and he flashbacked two Calls. Another Wrath took care of the Elephants though. Having to build up once again, Caumes attempted to play a Squirrel Nest, but it was Counterspelled. Then Jonsson started making Goblin Soldier tokens. The two first were Fired, but Jonsson just made two more.

During the following turns, the Swede made and attacked with tokens. In a last attempt to survive, Caumes played a Simoon, but Jonsson had a Counterspell and the Frenchman scooped.

Caumes 1 – 1 Jonsson

Game 3

Wild Mongrel
Caumes played first in the deciding game. He played a turn two Wild Mongrel and it started attacking. He then discarded an Arrogant Wurm to the Mongrel during Jonsson's end of turn step, paying the madness cost. Jonsson let it resolve, then he Repulsed the Wurm.

Caumes tried the same trick during Jonsson's next end of turn step, but this time, the Wurm was Counterspelled. Stalling at three lands, he chose not to do anything, instead he did exactly the same trick with a second Wurm, but the creature was Memory Lapsed.

During Caumes upkeep, Jonsson Iced a land, but Caumes drew mana from the land and did the trick during his upkeep instead. Finally, an Arrogant Wurm hit the table and stayed there. Jonsson did nothing during his turn.

The Wurm and the Mongrel attacked, and Jonsson went down to five life once again when Caumes chose not to pump the Mongrel. It was time for Fact or Fiction, and Jonsson flipped over five lands and picked the pile with a Skyshroud Expanse. He then played Wrath of God during his own turn. Caumes, still at three lands, thought for a while. Then he discarded two Flametongue Kavus and a Call of the Herd to the Mongrel and tried to Circular Logic the Wrath. But Jonsson had a Memory Lapse, and cleared the table.

During his next turn, Caumes played another Call of the Herd. Jonsson answered by playing Goblin Trenches, and he made two tokens, one of which blocked the attacking Elephant token. He then played Rakavolver with double kicker. Caumes tried to counter with a Logic, but he didn't have the right mana and took mana burn instead—and, realising he couldn't win, he scooped.

Final Result: Caumes 1 – 2 Jonsson

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